Monday, November 02, 2009


Sometimes you just need to take the pressure off, stop and smell the roses. Sometimes this is what’s needed to achieve what you’ve always wanted.

As a radical departure from the norm, what would your life be like if you stopped setting challenging weight loss goals and then doing everything in your power to achieve them?

If experience shows that when you place yourself under so much stress and pressure, the slightest inkling of failure has you spiralling in the opposite direction, why not contemplate a different approach?

If you lose control and lose the plot and before you know it you’ve spiralled to the depths of despair, could there be a better way to get what you always wanted? What if your reaction to those negative behaviours is to then beat yourself up, put yourself down, punish yourself with even stricter dieting, more cardio, doing whatever you can to rid your body of those dreaded excesses? Ask yourself would you treat your daughter or best friend that way? No, then maybe there is a better way.

Relax. Enjoy your food. Eat lean and clean food most of the time because you like it and it makes you feel good. Savour your treats and never deny yourself if a treat is what you really want. Accept that on some days you’ll eat more and on others you’ll eat less. It will balance out. Enjoy social occasions without being a stick in the mud because the food on offer isn’t on your diet plan. But on the other hand never never never stuff yourself silly. You don’t need to. Nothing is banned and you can have it again any time you wish. Eat til you’re pleasantly satisfied. Its ok to leave food on your plate. The angels will appreciate it.

Exercise because you love it and you love how it makes you feel. If you miss a day that’s ok. There is no rule that says that missing a day’s training is sacrilege. It doesn’t make you a bad, lazy or unmotivated person. Do what you love. If you’re a cardio queen then enjoy your hot, sweaty heart-thumping sessions. If you’re a weights girl then get under some heavy shit, lift and grunt. Love what you do. Aim for some balance.

And finally, accept yourself, love yourself and give thanks daily for the great life you have. When the glass is half full a smile will easily appear on your face. Leave the frowning for the Negative Nellys.

I took the risk and changed my approach to this whole dieting business. I ditched it and started to really enjoy life. I met with my Metal Monster on Saturday morning and was rewarded with a nice drop and am sitting about 2kgs off my ultimate maintenance weight. But the number aside, its how I feel now that has seen the biggest change.

Would you take a similar risk if you too were fed up with the whole diet mentality and all the negativity it brings with it?



Kerry W said...

I've never settled for 'the norm' Magda. Glad to see you're not definitely sound much happier and content these days. Balance is the key and self-correcting I think is still necessary.

Magda said...

Touche Kerry!!

:-) Magda