Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm a curious soul. Always wondering about this and that, pondering that and this and just wanting to know stuff. Since I've been doing my one hour jogs (clocked up a few weeks in a row now) I've become curious about the distance I cover. So today I logged onto and after much trial and error managed to map out the route I jogged this morning.

Drum roll please......

..... approximately (I'd say within 100 metres of) 8.25kms. Thats nothing ground breaking or earth shattering as its actually quite slow but hey I NEVER STOP OR TAKE A WALK REST. By the end of it I can feel my quads and adductors getting sore and tired and I visualise my thighs getting leaner, firmer and having beautiful toned muscles on them LOL.

I'd love to do a 10km test run to see what time I do it in and then aim for improving but thats a fair whack of time to devote when weekends are already really busy and I'm often struggling to get 30 minutes of training in, let alone well over an hour. I'm sure the opportunity will present itself sooner or later and I'll give it a go.

Who knows what else I'll aim for in the future. I've been avoiding setting goals for reasons that are valid to me. But maybe a goal thats NOT all about weighing a certain amount by a certain time, or fitting into this or that by a deadline is the stimulation I need to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Great job Magda that is a good distance and probably similar to what I would run in an hour...

Have you had a look on they have a calendar of events are they have all sorts of little fun runs that are only small. You might find something you could work towards for next year...

I had a great time Sunday morning catching up with you Magda :)

Magda said...

Me too Kristy and I'll check on events that might suit in the not too distant future.