Thursday, November 05, 2009


Tonight I have alarm bells sounding as a warning of danger up ahead. Its to do with "the issue" that I've decided to not blog about just yet and just as I thought there are rough seas ahead.

I had a great day today. Felt really good both physically and emotionally and was powering through the work. Then later in the afternoon I had a call about "the issue" and it left me quite worried and a bit upset. Contacted Peter so that we could talk about before we got home where mum and dad were waiting for us. This needed to be discussed in private. All the way to the cafe I was mulling over it but getting nowhere in finding a solution that sat well with me.

At the cafe I ordered a wine (DANGER DANGER!!) and then Peter got there and he had one too. I told him the news. He was so calm and so rational. I love that about him. He deals with major problems all day every day that he is an expert at taking things in his stride. I'm an emotional minefield. When something bad happens I react badly and feel like the world is caving in. I can rarely "fix it" on my own. So its Peter to the rescue. After our chat and his calm reasoning around what we'll do I felt SO much better (of course the glass of red helped as well).

We have a bit of a rough time ahead and all I can say is thank god we have each other. I'm prepared to do the leg work, make calls, sit on hold, find out information etc etc. But I need his support in solving problems, assessing what the options are and deciding on the best course of action. In that sense we make a brilliant team and I feel so lucky to have him as my husband.

My challenge will be to work through this together (not hard) and to stay true to my non-diet way of eating. Yes that means continuing to do the following:

1. Eating mainly lean and clean foods.
2. Eating only when I'm hungry.
3. Never never never stuffing myself over full.
4. Enjoying treats in moderation.

I had some of my old thought patterns sneaking back in today so I'll need to be really mindful of them over the coming days / weeks. I dont want to resort to comfort eating or drinking like I used to but its going to take some effort to stay in the positive groove I've been in lately.



ss2306 said...

Your hubby sounds wonderful Magda.

Just remember that you are NEVER alone. You have everything you ever need inside of you to make it through the tougher times.

Kerry W said...

Hi Magda

You and your husband obviously compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses well - that's a big part of a healthy marriage I think. When one person is low, the other tends to pick the other up. Like you say...teamwork.

You're doing great Magda and still handling the challenges with aplomb! :)

Raechelle said...

It's excellent that you are sticking to healthy habbits during this time of strife. You're body and mind will thank you for that!

Magda said...

Thanks Shelley. Maybe I do but right now the power is with someone else and that I dont like.

Hey Kerry. Still handling the challenges but not perfectly. Just not reacting as badly to them as before. (Refer tonight's post).

Hi Raechelle, trying to do the right thing most of the time but allowing room for mistakes without the punishment that normally followed.

:-) Magda