Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This morning I set out at 5.15am and did my jog/run training session. It was fantastic. I did at least 10 intervals of running approx 1 minute and sometimes more. The jogs were my rest periods. It was a full on session with my heart rate really getting up and the sweat pouring off me. We are having a major heatwave here (yippee!!) and it took ages for me to cool down.

Then I walked into the Central Market and had breakfast with a couple of friends before going to work. What an excellent start to the day. For brekkie I chose the "raisin sensation". It was a thick slice of toasted raisin bread with ricotta cheese, a poached pear, strawberries, slivered almonds and a light dusting of icing sugar. It came with vanilla syrup which I asked for on the side and didnt end up having. The dish didnt need more sweetness.

So when my diet is mainly clean but unrestricted and I eat what feels right for me and I keep up my training doing stuff I love the result is a feeling of true health, wellbeing and happiness. Why would you choose to live any other way?



ss2306 said...

My sentiments exactly - why would you?

Anonymous said...

Exactly :)

What an awesome Festive Season you are going to have this year Magda! I am SO happy for you xxx

Magda said...

Thanks guys.

:-) Magda

Charlotte Orr said...

That brekky sounds delish! Glad to hear you sounding so positive!