Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yay today is a cardio free day. Not that I have a problem with cardio. In fact I love it but the old legs will welcome the rest. Yesterday I did my jog/run and walked both to and from work. Mind you in the afternoon my pace couldn’t really count as cardio. It was just too hot to power it up so I kept it moderate and arrived home sane and not too sweaty.

This morning I trained upper body and abs. Increased some of my weights and by the end of the session I could barely hold a 7.5kg dumbbell. How pissweak am I??? LOL. But I’m not stupid enough to think that I need to lift as heavy as some of you other Superwomen. I know it has to be hard for me. And if that’s 10kgs and not 15 or 17 then so be it. I’m mindful of using proper form and I wont ramp up the weights if my form then goes to cr*p.

I’m in a good place emotionally. I’m not letting that issue spoil my mood or drag me down. Sure its annoying but its pushed to the back of my mind for the time being and I’ll worry about it when events unfold further. One of my friends had some good advice about it yesterday and I’m going to take it if the need arises, as I’m sure it will.

And to add further fuel to my happiness fire I now have a much wider range of clothes to enjoy since my weight has come down to a “looking good” level. I bought some white pants in a size 10 after the 2007 comps. I reckon I wore them once before I put on too much weight and couldn’t wear them any more. Well I wore them on Monday and they looked great. Many years ago in Singapore I bought a DKNY red skirt, which looks fantastic. Again its small and I’ve hardly ever worn it. I have it on today. And I even tried on the bikini I bought straight after the 2007 comps. Silly me got all excited that I could fit into a size 8 and bought it when I should have bought the 10 knowing that I’d put on weight. Well I tried the size 8 bikini on and while it feels tight in places, it doesn’t look tight and I’ll be able to wear it this summer. How fanbloodytastic is that??!!



KatieP said...

Hey Magda

I "beat" you in the "I'm more delicate than those who lift heavy shit" department. I lifted 5kg dumbells on Monday and deadlifted 30kg on Tuesday and have the DOMs to prove that 8 weeks is a little too long to stay away from the gym.

I don't care if people think I am piss weak, I bet I can downward dog them under the table (and you can probably run them into the ground).

You are beautiful and special because you're you and I'm so happy you have found peace.

Anonymous said...

Hey Magda! GO YOU - you are proving that you don't need to be preparing for a "comp" to look or feel awesome - you are doing what makes you happy and it's obviously showing in ya hot bod xx

Magda said...

Hi Katie, I noticed you've been into yoga quite a bit lately. Whilst it has its appeal I just cant give away the weights and am really loving my running and just cant fit any more in.

Yeah looking and feeling better than I have in a long time Fern. Thanks.


Vicki said...

Hey Magda, it is awesome to hear that you are finally finding yourself in a happier place - gosh you have jumped so many hurdles this year but have come through on the other side, shining!!

And re: lifting heavy weights...each to their own! There is no point trying to compare ourselves to others cos we are all different and as Katie pointed out, we all have different strong points. I know I have been guilty of reading other blogs and looking at what others are doing and it did my head in. Now I do my own thing and don't worry about what everyone else is doing and I feel sooo much better for it!

Anyway girl, keep on keeping on...and can't wait to hear about your beach bikini hot bod trips ;)

Magda said...

Thanks Vicki,

I sure have come a long way this year and like you I try not to compare my training efforts with others. It serves no purpose other than to maybe spur me on to try and improve within the bounds of what is reasonable.

:-) Magda

ss2306 said...

Hiya Magda

I wanted to comment this morning but ran out of time and now I can't remember exactly what I was thinking. But something along the lines of only needing to do (as in lifting I think) what makes you happy and that is why we are all different and unique beauty's. Gosh I couldn't run to save my life. Well I could but you know what I mean. And as Katie said "downward dog" I'm more like flat cat but give me a bar loaded with heavy shit and I'll pick it up till the cows come home. That's just what floats my boat and whilst ever it's still floating I'm happy. Anyway, don't know where I was going with this. I think I got side-tracked in one of my trances (lol).