Friday, November 13, 2009


Every second Friday I leave work at 3pm and pick my son up from school. Its my favourite time of the fortnight. I raced to his school today having been caught in traffic due to some city road closures. Luckily he was late getting out so my arriving late didnt matter. He excitedly showed me a microscope he'd bought at the school's Giant Sale and carefully returned the change from his unspent money. The sale was to raise money to send to a poor nation overseas and he commented that the best thing about the sale was that poor people would get money. On the way to the car I asked him if he wanted to go out for coffee and a biscuit or ice cream.

Ice cream won hands down (it was 39 degrees here) so we headed to Cibo at Norwood and indulged in some gelati. Chocolate for my boy and roasted almond for me. He's such a slow eater but today I enjoyed every miunte of watching him slowly lick his icecream til it was finished and he had chocolate smears all over his face :-). Then we chatted about his day before heading back into the city to pick Peter up and head off home.

Such a simple thing yet so incredibly enjoyable. I am so lucky and so blessed to have such a wonderful life. And the weekend is here. Yippee!! And its a hot one. Double yippee!!



Anonymous said...

just gorgeous Madga! I think we tend to forget how gorgeous simple things are.....and they are usually the most important parts in our life xx

Shar said...

These moments are small but mean everything to the kids!!
I call them 'daymakers' and we all try and daymake at least once a day for each other and if we get the chance someone else.

I bet you made his day!! and it sounds like he made yours!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it just the best how kids make you appreciate all of the little things in life?
I am constantly being reminded about wonderful things like birds, puppies, the moon and stars by my little princess :)

I love it too!

Sandra said...

Magda, I recently started to set time for some one-on-ones with my girls. Wednesday afternoons, Cassie and I head to a coffee shop, I have coffee and she has her favourite- sticky date pudding with ice cream and a ginger beer...she tells me all about her day/ week and I switch off my phone and give her my undivided attention.
Maddie and I are trialling a few different ways of spending time together, a couple of weeks ago she came to the gym with me and I took her through all the cardio equipment and she decided the rower was her favourite, she has a beautiful set of shoulders and arms (sounds like you), then last week, she wanted me to watch a really scary movie with her, so I set up the ironing board and we watched it alone, ate nuts, had a giggle, and chatted about being scared etc.
Sorry about the rant, but our children are SO precious, they need to have us 100% to themselves on a regular basis.

Magda said...

Yes Fern, that short time together just made my day.

I never thought of them as "daymakers" Shar but its a great name for a special time.

Oh Rene, my boy will tell me almost daily that leaves are the most exciting thing in the world LOL.

Thats really nice Sandra. Having a boy I'm conscious that the time will come when he wont want to be seen with me so I'm enjoying every minute of these special times together.