Sunday, November 29, 2009


This pic was taken about a month ago on a freezing cold Sunday at the zoo. Hence the (skinny) jeans, boots and fur lined jacket. LOL. A month later and whilst its not freezing cold, its certainly not hot like its been for some time now.

Well another weekend has whizzed by in the blink of an eye. This one was unusual in that the weather has turned back to cool and rainy throwing some of our original plans into disarray. We were planning to go the Symphony Under the Stars concert on Saturday night but it was cancelled due to persistent rain. So we just went to our local cafe for dinner and then came home. I spent the rest of the evening ironing :-(
Today I took my son to a birthday party which I enjoyed as much as him. I love catching up with the other mums and dads. Not much else today.
I'm changing my training routine again. Not by want but by need. We have noticed that on days when I train using weights, our son wakes up too early from the noise which is unavoidable. I feel sorry for him when he's obviously quite tired from the early starts. So my new plan is this:
Saturday: lower body + abs + cardio if time permits
Sunday: upper body + cardio if time permits
Monday: 1 hour jog.
Tuesday: 1 hour walk/jog or jog again (if feeling ok) - I like to do two longer sessions at the start of the week.
Wednesday: upper body - modified session with DBs on back lawn + abs
Thursday: 40 minute jog/run
Friday: 30 minute sprint intervals
Plus I have 2 days a week where I walk to/from work at 35-40 minutes each way.
The following week my son finishes school and the schedule will change again. I dont even know why I plan a schedule sometimes. I'm coming into a period of "just going with the flow" by the looks of it. Maybe my new goal will be "just get it done".
Cheers all


Anonymous said...

Sometimes stepping away from a routine and just going with the flow is a good thing. A change is a good thing and it keeps your system guessing. ;o) xxx

Kerry W said...

Going with the flow I've found works well when you have kids. If you don't you end up stressed. It's always good to have a schedule and plans though, just allow for the 'unexpected'. :)

Magda said...

Hi Lia,

Good point! I just need to let go of my "creature of habit" mentality.

Hey Kerry, thats very true. Many a time my plans have been thrown into total disarray because of a kid issue. Flexibility and adaptability become the new "must haves" then.