Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This is yesterday's post that I just couldnt get onto Blogegr for a variety of annoying reasons.

I’ll make no secret of it, but I’m struggling doing leg training on top of my running. I’ve modified my program so it’s shorter and includes the “leg must dos” and ditches the rest. So I’m doing stiff legged deadlifts, split squats and squats with a plate(s) as space is an issue with the barbell on my shoulders. That’s also a nice mix of love/hate exercises and for me; it’s an effective mix. So why do I do it? Vanity baby. Vanity. My thighs are definitely my worst feature and whilst I know I should love them unconditionally, I’d like them to look better so that means putting in some extra effort. Oh and yes the focus is mainly on hammies and glutes, which need the most work. Last week I suffered through every minute of my leg session so I approached it with a mild dread this morning. Luckily today’s session was much better and I was quite elated at the end of it. Love it when that feeling takes over.

I’m also toying around with a slightly different diet (meaning the food I consume and not a regimented and restricted plan). For a few years now I’ve had the high protein, low-moderate carbs and moderate fat way of eating hardwired as the way to eat to get lean and stay lean. I would strive for this daily almost being anal about not eating starchy carbs at lunchtime and heaven forbid having them with my evening meal. They were banned!!

But I’m slowly letting go of my vision of myself as a figure athlete who needs to eat in this way. I no longer train with weights 4 or 5 times a week where my goal is to put on muscle. I train with weights to maintain muscle tone and what little strength I have. Don’t get me wrong. I still lift what’s heavy for me (no pissy little 1 or 2 kg dumbbells for me – I’m hurting by the end of each set) but some muscle groups get as little as one exercise / session and that suits me just fine now.

What I am developing though is a vision of myself as a runner (with a lean and toned upper body) and runners need more carbs for fuel. So slowly I’ve been adding some (mainly good) carbs back into my diet and I must say “YUMMO”. I’m also decreasing my meat intake and experimenting with vegetarian meals that still provide protein through correct food combining. This week I’ve enjoyed home made hummus with tabbouli and felafels in a wholemeal wrap for lunch. Its all good clean food that I’ve made myself and I’m really enjoying this change. The other benefit I’d like to see from this is that hopefully my system will work a little better and not require artificial help on a daily basis. I don’t fancy battling bowel cancer because I ate so much meat and so little grains.

So that’s what’s happening in my health and fitness life right now. There’s plenty more going on but too early to blog about it and heaps of stuff that I’m sure you’re not the least bit interested in. Hahahaha that’s assuming you’re interested in the stuff I wrote about today:-)



Pip said...

Hi Magda!

Sounds great! I've never had the 'low carb' thing! Even when I was advised to totally cut carbs and not run till I lost weight, (instead a no carb diet, weights and low impact cardio)...............I still ate carbs and ran/trained hard and did some challenging resistance training and lost weight/got fitter and stronger all round, - total rebel I am!!! Running or intense cardio with too much protein/no carbs, - doesn't happen for me, - I get a windy sore gassy stomach/have to stop! I did limit/sometimes avoid most carbs in the evening though unless I had a mega training session or event planned for early the following morning.

I'm trying to see myself as a triathlete hahaha!

Pip :-)

Magda said...

Hi Pip,

If you see yourself as a triathlete you will be a triathlete. Believe!