Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Since moving house my training schedule has changed quite significantly. I no longer do weights 4 x / week as my set up is awkward and also noisy with my son sleeping in the next room. I have reignited my love of running though and am clocking up some decent sessions (well for me anyway). I have now done 2 x one hour runs (well jogs actually) and quite frankly I could go longer at my easy pace but I'm not prepared to get out before 5am. Maybe on a weekend when we're not so busy but not on a work day.

I've also done 2 shorter sessions incorporating 10 x approx 60-70 metre sprints (thats a wild guess as in havent really measured it). I jog to my local shopping centre (about 10 minutes going the long way), do my sprint intervals in the car park and then walk or walk/jog home. All up its about half an hour and a nice change from the long slow paced run earlier in the week.

So my plan now is to introduce a mid length session of about 40 minutes where I incorporate some running intervals. These will be at a running pace (not a slow jog but not my fastest speed either) with the aim of getting my overall speed up on the longer jogs. It'll also provide a bit of interest as two long jogs are a bit draining not just physically but mentally too.

When you couple this with one leg training session of moderate intensity and a few walks to/from work (about 35-40 minutes in duration depending on how hot it is and how fast I push it) its no wonder that I have tired legs. Which I'm hoping will translate into lean and toned legs as I dont know any (serious) runners that have otherwise. Maybe I'll ask Santa for lean and toned legs for Christmas. Please Santa I've been good all year and all I'd like is for my legs to lean down and tone up. Pretty please.

:-) Magda


Anonymous said...

Oh Magda - i admire you big time! I tried running this morning and didn't last 10mins without breaking!!!!! SO hats of to you!! xx

Magda said...

Hey Fern when I was heavier I loathed it as I always felt like a baby elephant as I lumbered along. But now with about 8kgs off I'm actually enjoying it. Especially as I'm out early and get to watch the day dawn. Just perfect!!



Anonymous said...

LOVELY!!! That is exactly how i describe myself running - i feel like a baby elephant!!! hahaha

ss2306 said...

Hope Santa gives you what you want plus much, much more (wink!)

Magda said...

Ferny you're gorgeous and not at all like a baby elephant!!

Thanks Shell. I'm hoping that Santa is feeling generous this year :-)