Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today was awesome. Maybe it was the jog/run this morning that managed to turn my shitty mood from yesterday into a happy and positive one today. Maybe it was the walk to work. Maybe it was just me reminding me that on some days it'll take a conscious effort to be happy until happiness overrules anyway. Today was that day.

I'm counting down 16 more days before I'm on Christmas holidays. I cant wait. I'm sad to admit that my enthusiasm for work is lacking at the moment. Sometimes it takes a big effort to stay focussed and tackle the jobs that you dread. Of course those times dont help with my general disposition. Bring on that holiday!!

On my walk home this afternoon I was pondering the questions of to blog, or not to blog and if so what to blog. I find my blog is really repetitive and quite frankly boring. I need some inspiration to blog about interesting things, thought provoking things, things to challenge our minds. I've always had an interest in and passion for writing but it feels dead right now. Oh how to breathe some life back into it?



Frankie said...

You can't force it Magda. You just need to blog for YOU. If you like writing, then do so. If you have nothing you think is worth sharing...don't. I read all your posts. I don't comment a lot but I do enjoy hearing about what's going on in peoples lives.

LizN said...

I enjoy reading your blog Magda - you've been on quite a journey - you don't have to write wonderful inspiring stuff every time - you can be an idiot like me and just let it rip :)

Lauren said...

Hi Magda, I am only new to all of this...but I view this blog stuff as a licence for you to write YOUR thoughts, emotions and events down. Not for writing what you think other people want to hear or want you to write. It is a place of recording, questioning and outletting (if there is such a word). The only difference between this and a written journal is that people do view it, and comment. Keep doing your own thing Magda, I love reading your blogs.

Magda said...

Frankie, I think there's a bit of Big Brother in all of us. I too love to read about other's lives even if I rarely comment.

Thanks Liz. I think I'll just let it rip with whatever is inside me on that day inspiring, or not.

Very true Lauren. And thats how my blog has always been. Its me and my thoughts, actions, beliefs, struggles and achievements. If it is boring and uninspiring then I guess people can always close it and read another.

Thanks guys