Monday, November 09, 2009


Its been a tough few days and its taking a lot of effort and energy to stay positive and not let things get me down. Sometimes I'm winning and other times I'm not. We are in limbo over a major issue with the ball no longer in our court. Peter hates not being in total control. I dont like it either. So much hinges on this and the "not knowing" is taking its toll. Hopefully it'll all be sorted by the end of this week.

So on Friday I resorted to some bad old habits which at the time made me feel temporarily better even though in the long term they serve no positive purpose. I knew that I made some poor choices and I just accepted that without wallowing in guilt, pity or self hatred. Wasted emotions. Wasted energy. Saturday was a new day and I went back to my new normal habits and had a good day. Followed it up with another good day on Sunday even though I was at a party all day.

I'm feeling good just knowing that I'm eating the way I want to eat MOST of the time and I'm managing it pretty effortlessly. I'm feeling good knowing that despite having a massive "hiccup" (my SP's words) on Friday I got over it and just went back to eating normally the next day without going through all the negative emotions that riddled me previously. I'm feeling good doing exercise that I love and look forward to each day. Oh and the hot weather always makes me feel good. "Bring on the sweat", I say. So when I look at all those things, maybe I dont feel so bad after all. I'll hang onto that thought :-)



Kerry W said...

Well done Magda for getting back on track so quickly! The thing is, we all have hiccups - the true test is in how quickly we take back the reins. :)

Magda said...

Very true Kerry and this has been my most significant change and I'm really proud of it.

:-) Magda