Monday, November 23, 2009


Since my last post through some rough seas my sailing vessel has swayed side to side, done a massive list taking on more water than it would normally cope with (yep there was a binge in there on Thursday afternoon – so much for trying to coach myself out of it), righted itself and sailed steadily through the storm only to enjoy calm seas again the next day. Yes there was the odd small wave but it was all handled beautifully once I took my sailing skills back to basics and just did what I do as normal these days.

Friday started with my sprint runs session and I added some brisk walking at the end of it as I was up earlier than I needed to be. Waited til I was hungry before eating. Spontaneous lunch out with my work colleagues? I’m in. Ordered food I love and ate til I was satisfied. Had a wine as well. Dinner followed suit. No trolling for more food or junk after the meal. Feeling like my old self again and certainly not beating myself up over the events of the previous day.

I knew that everything was 100% again when standing at the Bakers Delight counter on Saturday waiting for my (son’s) bread there were Christmas mince pies out for tasting. Normally I LOVE mince pies and would always take a taste (and often buy one or two to have then) but I looked at them and wasn’t even the slightest bit tempted to have any.

On Sunday I had breakfast with the beautiful Kristy who I haven’t seen face to face since 2007 when we ran together in the early mornings when I was preparing to compete. She also worked with Hilde when I did and we often emailed each other for support. Well Kristy is looking great and whilst she also faces challenges similar to me (and a lot of others) she has made some serious inroads into working out the whole food / mind / attitude puzzle for weight loss and maintenance.

Finally, the things that have really hit home since last week’s events are:

Llife will always throw curve balls. Sometimes we’ll catch them and throw them back. Sometimes they’ll be massive boulders that’ll knock us to the ground. We can choose to lie there crying over our failing or we can get the f*ck up, dust ourselves off and make sure that catcher’s mitt is better placed when the next curve ball comes flying towards us.

I’m not perfect. I wont get it right all the time. I will stuff up. But I will forgive myself quickly and absolutely. I will put a smile on my face the next day and be truly thankful in my heart for all the great things in my life. I’ll follow my principles and beliefs for living my life knowing that my choices ultimately help me achieve what I want and therefore make me happy.



Anonymous said...

great post Magda - i've always said it - we are our own worst enemy, we can be so hard on ourselves - what does it achieve - f**king NOTHING! So letting go and realizing things aren't that bloody bad makes me happy. There is someone WORSE off than me - i can see, hear, taste and smell. I know how to love and how it feels to be loved.....what more could one want!! sharing some love with ya x

Magda said...

Hi Fern,

I'm working really hard at being kinder and more forgiving to me. I've given up the old "beat yourself up til you feel totally worthless" mentality and I feel so much better for it.

:-) Magda