Friday, November 13, 2009


Check out Kek’s blog for her opinion about the warm (hot) weather we’re having. I’m 110% behind her and couldn’t agree more completely.

Yes the mercury has climbed into the 30s and here in Adelaide it’ll hit the 40s by Sunday and the stream of complaints is already in full swing. “Oh I can’t stand the heat. I wish it’d cool down”. Or people looking for an ally in their quest to hate the heat saying “So how are you liking/handling this heat?” Boy do they get a surprise when I beam from ear to ear and tell them that I (genuinely) love it and it’s about time the cold miserable winter ended and it was HOT. They look at me like I’ve got 3 heads and no brains in any of them. So I go on and I tell them that I hate winter. I hate being cold and this is MY time of year. “You wont find me complaining about the heat,” I tell them and I don’t.

When its hot I love:

Getting out early and running in the warmth wearing shorts and a tank top. When the sweat trickles down my face I know I’m working. Its like I have the proof of my efforts right there.

Wearing open toed sandals and showing off pretty bright pink or dark red toenails (note to self: get that pedicure done NOW).

Wearing sleeveless tops and showing off my nicely toned arms and my broad shoulders. Yes I’m lucky to have a decent set of shoulders with nice width and pretty good muscle tone. Shame that I wasn’t blessed with good thighs to match LOL.

Feeling warm where warm = comfortable = happy.

Balmy evenings. Sitting outside for a drink on a Friday night. Peter cooking dinner on the BBQ. Eating more salad. Eating outside. Chatting away and unwinding.

Having an icy cold Corona with a lime wedge. Just one will do as I’m not normally a beer lover but one on a hot day hits the spot.

Having BBQs with friends or family. I don’t have to cook and I get to eat yummy food that I love.

Being on holidays. Packing lightly. Getting onto a beach or into a pool. Beer-o’clock. Late nights.

Oh I do love summer.



Alicia said...

And this is the reason I love living in Brisvegas :) xoxo

Charlotte Orr said...

I couldn't agree with you more Magda!

Magda said...

Hi Alicia,

funny when I lived in Brissie I really missed my friends from Adelaide and decided that the weather wasnt the be all and end all. Yes its better in Brissie but not better than the friendships I have here.

Touche Charlotte!

Kerry W said...

Couldn't agree more Magda. Summer is my favourite time of the year too! Just not into the Corona' SUMMER - LOVE IT...LOVE IT....LOVE IT! :O)


Magda said...

Cheers Kerry. Its just so nice to not be rugged up in 5 layers and still be feeling cold, isnt it?


Kek said...

Hear, hear! The whinging is driving me CRAZY and the heat has only just begun...

Ha! The word verification is doextra ... DO EXTRA? Think perhaps I need to train more? Hmm..