Thursday, November 26, 2009


.... the next time I complain about my job. I had the most awesome day today and felt ashamed of my recent pathetic attitude about work. Today really confirmed that I have a great job.

In our small team is a lovely American woman whom I shall call Miss M. Today Miss M organised for our small team to visit one of our most magnificent assets with a fascinating history, magnificent grounds and a majestic historical residence. We arrived at 10.30 to be greeted with real coffee from the on-site coffee shop, home made rock cakes and a magnificent apple tart. Yes morning tea was delicious. Then the Director of this "estate" took us on a guided tour of the grounds and building. Along the way he entertained us with many stories about the history of the place, how it operates now and what the future aspirations are. This is all valuable information that helps us do our jobs better and its just bloody fascinating anyway.

After the tour we bought lunch from the coffee shop and dined in their marquee overlooking the magnificent gardens with views of Adelaide in the distance. Miss M reminded us that today is Thanksgiving and she explained the intent of the day (no presents, its a family day of eating together and giving thanks). Then we all spoke about what we were thankful for before having our meal. Hearing what everybody said and echoing their positive words about our great team and workplace, I came away with a very warm and fuzzy feeling and a turned around glass half full perspective on the whole work thing.

Then to put some icing on the cake for us all, Miss M provided pumpkin pie for afternoon tea for everybody back at the office. I wasnt going to have any but when I thought of the significance of it and what it meant to her, I couldnt be that selfish to refuse it. So afternoon tea was delicious too :-)

I'm so thankful that I was given the opportunity to work in such a great place with great people. I'm thankful that I have a wonderful family, fantastic friends and a charmed life. I'm thankful for my health and my family's health and for every risk I've taken and opportunity I've grabbed to live my life so that I dont die wondering "what if?"

What are you thankful for?


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