Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Today my Assets and Contract Manager and I were invited by one of our service provider contractors to the Advertiser Sunday Mail Foundation (ASMF) Melbourne Cup lunch at Adelaide Oval. Its a huge event and very popular on Adelaide's social calendar. I have never been before and in fact have rarely gotten into the Melbourne Cup thing but was really excited to go this year to such a popular event.

So I lived it up a bit. Lunch was superb and I ate a bit too much. A nice bottle of white wine was parked right in front of me and as I was sitting with a table of gentlemen nobody else touched it so I drank most of it. I had a bet on the race but there was no win coming my way. I didnt really care as I had such a good time. I wore my Christmas Day dress and got lots of compliments for it. It really is very pretty. I did want to take pics before we went but everyone was so busy at work that there was just no chance.

After the lunch I partied on (albeit briefly) with the girls from my office who had all gone to one of the local pubs for their celebrations. Luckily that didnt go on too long as I could have gotten quite untidy LOL.

So how do I feel about today?

Just great.

I have no guilt and no regrets. What I did today, I would do rarely. Life is not a string of perfect behaviours or ideal choices. I havent eaten dinner. Not as punishment but purely because I'm not hungry (mmmm I can still tatse the delicious cheese I had after the meal). Tomorrow I'll probably eat a bit less, again not as punishment but because I wont want or need as much food. There will be no strict dieting or ridiculous training to "make up" for today. And because there is no dreaded weigh in looming I'm not living in fear or dread of what the Metal Monster will say.

So on that note its time to prepare some oats, bran and powder for breakfast tomorrow, get the running gear ready and head off for an early night. I hope you all had a s good a day as me with the exception of a nice win on the geegees.

:-) Magda


ss2306 said...

Sounds like an awesome day Magda. Now, that's what I call livin'.

Kristy said...

Sounds like loads of fun Magda...

Magda said...

Hey Shelley - ooh it was sooooo good. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

Kristy it was great. I can highly recommend the ASMF lunch (although main course was steak).