Thursday, October 29, 2009


This morning I contemplated having a brief interlude with my Metal Monster. The poor darling has been severely neglected since the beginning of October. So much so that he's gathered a good layer of dust (tsk tsk says something about my cleaning standards) and he's looking ....forlorn. And lonely. And unloved.

Then I walked away and thought "you can wait. I dont really care what number you throw at me today". And I had my big hot lemon drink, put on my gym gear and hit the weights.

Now if thats not progress then I'll sprint the length of Rundle Mall in a tutu. Hmmm that makes me think that some sprints might be in order tomorrow morning. The steady state jogging is great but there needs to be some variety to my cardio. But I'll stick to my gym pants and T shirt and keep the tutu for a special occassion.



KRISTIN said...

Hey Magda! Just wanted to say that I'm really admiring your strength and determination lately. You really seem to be getting on top of it all and conquering some really tough demons. Keep up the awesome work, you're a superstar xoxo

Magda said...

Thanks Kristin,

its been a long hard slog but I have finally found my happy place and I'm loving it

:-) Magda