Monday, October 12, 2009


Well this morning I trained in my mess of an exercise room. It would have been so easy to just blow it off because I wasnt perfectly set up but I quickly talked myself out of that and set myself the challenge of devising an effective leg workout with what I had. So here's how it went:

1. Warm up on the exercise bike and prehabs using fitball and light leg extensions.
2. Squats with a 10kg plate - this was a light - moderate intensity for me and I rarely do them for that reason.
3. Stiff legged deadlifts. Because I didnt have my full range of weight plates these ended up being heavier than usual so I made up for the easy work on the squats (different muscle group I know but good to work HARD).
4. Split squats using the embarassingly light (2kg) dumbbells. OK I have glutes that are as weak as ***** so even with this piddly weight I'm working hard and I get very sore after. With a few of these under my belt over the weeks the weight will go up but not by a lot. Basically these kill me and I have a true love / hate with them.
5. Then to finish I supersetted leg extensions with hamstring curls just adjusting the weight by 5kgs between the two exercises.

Not bad considering my limitations. Then it was onto the bike for my 15 intervals of 30 secs each and then some steady state riding til the clock ticked 6am and I was all done. Happy. Happy.

So just to bore you all further today's meals were:

Breakfast: Protein/oat pancake with blueberries (cooked into it), sugar free maple syrup and a light sprinkle of LSA. Mug of white tea (no added milk)
On the way to work: skim cappuccino
Lunch: left-over tofu stir fry with some leftover fillet steak sliced into it
Afternoon snack (didnt have this in the morning as I just wasnt hungry): brown rice, thinly sliced cabbage and a tin of spicy chilli tuna
Dinner: tofu stir fry (different batch with different sauce).
During the day I drink several large mugs of hot water with lemon slices in it. Its delicious and keeps my water intake right up when I just dont feel like downing glass after glass of water in this cold weather.

Three more nights in our current house and then its moving day. Counting down now.

Cheers all



ss2306 said...

Hey big spunk

Been soooo busy in my world. Been reading and keeping up with what's happening in your neck of the woods. Loving your work Magda.

Magda said...

Thanks Shell. All going good over here :-) Magda