Monday, October 05, 2009



Today I have DOMS pain in the legs that measures 8 on the Richter Scale. OMG it all hurts when I move, when I bend over, when I go to sit on the toilet and every minute of my waking day. It started last night and by this morning IT WAS FIERCE :-)

So to alleviate it I chose to go for a run this morning - I mean I couldnt feel any worse than I already did LOL.

I made a grave mistake this morning. I did a killer chest and back workout (before the run) and although my strength wasnt its best, I really pushed it hard and was shattered at the end. So what was my mistake? Doing this on the same day that I was going to scrub my oven clean LOL. That in itself would have been a decent workout I can tell you. Talk about being exhausted not once but twice.


So my "no diet" lifestyle continues and as I'm doing it on my own I occassionally have some questions that I'm not sure about or wonder about certain situations. However I'm slowly coming to realise that the answers to those questions are inside me and that is where I must look for understanding. Previously I've turned to others or to diet rules to direct me but this is no longer the case. I tell you its a wierd feeling accepting total responsibility for and control over what I choose to eat, when I choose to eat it and in what quantity. But I'm calm and internally happy (not just on the surface) and thats such a good place to be :-)



Shar said...

Hope the legs get better, I remember my worst eg doms making it a struggle to go to the tiolet as I could not sit down!!

great to hear your no diet lifestyle is working for you.

Shar x

Frankie said...

Yep...I remember having it that bad. NOTHING worse...oh except trying to drive a day or two after a chest smashing!

Great 12 weeks by the way!!!

Magda said...

Hi Shar, Oh they are killing me today and yes sitting down on the toilet HURTS.

Hey Frankie, funnily enough I have no chest DOMS and thats the area I get it the most. I should be grateful though. And I'm evry happy with my 12 week result :-)

:-) Magda