Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ahoy me hearties. The Cautious Cathy side of me is keeping mum until our sailing ship clears these potentially rough seas around the harbour. Once we have left the port and are sailing on calmer seas, I'll share my news. Just feel better taking this care right now.

Above is a pic (sorry about the poor quality) of my haircut and colour thanks to the lovely Miss B

who never disappoints when it comes to styling my tresses. Whilst Peter was happy to dish out a compliment about my hair, he grizzled when asked to take the pic. How will I ever get photographic evidence of me fitting into my skinny jeans and looking so hot LOL.

I'm slowly establishing a training routine that will meet my needs and keep me happy. I think it'll look like this:

Monday: 45-50 minute jog
Tuesday: lower body + abs
Wednesday: 45-50 minute jog
Thursday: upper body + abs
Friday: 30 min jog
Saturday: lower body + abs + exercise bike intervals (time permitting)
Sunday: free choice (probably be a long walk or walk/jog combo)
Then the following week the weights will be: upper / lower / upper and rotate them like so. There will also be some walks to / from work which will add a bit more moderate intensity cardio but Peter and I will work out our walking schedule from week to week for now.

Nutrition all good and am planning to do a weigh and measure around Oct end / Nov beginning for curiosity's sake. Yeah I know I dont weigh myself anymore etc but a girl is entitled to change her mind when it suits her (which is definitely no more than once a month).

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Your looking good Magda and love the haircut and colour.

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy

:-) Magda