Sunday, October 25, 2009


Just when you think that you have all your little ducks lined up in a neat row and there is order, direction and certainty in your life BANG one innocent decision and subsequent action can bring all that tumbling down. I didnt think that I could or would feel or think what I am right now but my gut feel is that there is another big change on the horizon. Watch this space.

Sorry the hot bod pics are yet to come. In fact are yet to be taken. Not much opportunity over the last few days. We all headed to the zoo today but was seriously rugged up as the weather turned cold again. Yet this space.

We had a housewarming for a very small group of our closest friends last night. It was a great night. Peter cooked a lovely BBQ and we drank heaps of wine and hoed into a cheesecake for dessert. And the skinny jeans still fit this morning :-). In fact I scored well on the compliments last night as both my girlfriends have recently gained weight and neither is looking or feeling their best whereas I was flying on cloud 9.

I managed close to an hour of cardio on Saturday morning but nothing today as there was cleaning up to do before we headed out for the day. I am due for a decent session at 5am tomorrow though. And I get to walk to and from work on Thursday with Peter doing it on most of the other days (in his words he needs it more than me LOL).

So with all things considered and despite the eminent turmoil, I'm feeling really happy within myself. I continue to believe that I'm getting this intuitive eating right, that I am getting leaner and that I am a confident, capable and successful person. I dont need to stuff myself to make myself feel better when the going gets tough. I dont want to overload my body with tons of crappy food or too much alcohol. I am finally truly happy and at peace within myself.



Kristy said...

Wow Magda you truly sound happy and in a really good mental state... You have come so far and it is fantastic to hear you are feeling good and not dieting...

Magda said...

Hi Kristy,

yes this is working really well for me even with other stuff thats about to turn my life upside down LOL.