Tuesday, October 06, 2009


.... as we now have a place to live next week. Yes after scouring the rental market and kissing some frogs (the words of one of the Property Managers I met) we have been accepted for a charming little cottage with loads of character located about 3 kms from the CBD in a leafy no through road and walking distance to one of Adelaide's trendiest cafe and shopping precincts. Thank you God for not making me have to live in a dump as I was starting to fear at one stage.

Moving day is next Thursday and there is some major organising to do pretty quickly but I'm ok with that. Its the uncertainty of not knowing where home will be that causes me the most grief. In fact today I had a good dose of nervous runs as I waited for a verdict which came through latish tonight. At least I dont feel bloated LOL.

I'm embracing this "no diet" way of life but today's lunch wasnt the best choice. We cooked tandoori chicken on the Webber last night. Yummo. I made a salad with it for lunch today but it was a really cold day and I find salads disapppointing on cold days. Made up with a yummy dinner though. Peppered calamari with salad of spinach leaves, roast pumpkin, semi dried tomato, feta and pine nuts. Tummy was happy after that :-) So you win some, you lose some but its early days so its still very much a learning process. Oh and as for how much to eat. Yep lots of learning to do there. I'm usually ok with portions if I've made it and served it out but eating out is my biggest challenge. Or rather a mentality that says "my that tastes so good that I dont want to leave any of it". So will need to work on my thoughts around those situations when they arise.

Cheers for now and here's to a great week with no big cloud of uncertainty hanging over me any more.

:-) Magda


Frankie said...

I can feel your relief Magda as I just went through same thing! Great news.

Kristy said...

Great news that you have found a rental. We can do coffee sometime soon perhaps. Maybe at the trendy cafe just down the road lol

Magda said...

Yes Frankie when I read your blog about having to find another rental I knew that I'd be facing the same challenge soon. Its an awful feeling not knowing where you'll be living. But we're all good now just my anally retentive hubbie has to plan out where every bit of furniture will go.

Kristy that would be great. Let me get settled in and we'll make a date. I'll email or text you.