Sunday, October 11, 2009


We have spent the weekend attacking our packing with a vengeance. There are boxes everywhere, the place is a huge mess and we're well on the way to being ready for our Thursday move. We are so ready in fact that my super efficient hubbie has taken my rack to pieces which I was warned about so I made sure I got chest and back done this morning. What I didnt know is that he also packed away our set of free weights and dumbbells :-( Yep all gone back in the box and nowhere to be found. So I have 3 sessions to do this week : legs, abs and shoulders/arms. And I have the following equipment: Olympic barbell (weighing 10kgs) + standard barbell, 2 x 10kg plates, 4 x 5kg plates, 1 set of dumbbells @ approx 10kgs (not adjustable), 1 set of dumbbells @ 2kgs, push-up handles, Bosu and fitball and if I move a heap of stuff I can get to my adjustable bench. So this week I have to put on my "resourcefull PT" hat and come up with some improvised sessions for the above.

Food has been just great and I'm feeling good both physically and emotionally. Each day I'm balancing my nutritional needs and wants and eating a wider variety of foods than I was a few weeks ago. I've also ditched the old "eat every 3 hours rule" and I listen to my body and hunger signals and eat when I'm hungry and not when the clock says I should. In fact when I have a later breakfast as I often do on the weekend, I'm usually satisfied with 3 square meals and not 5.

Its also great to have the pressure of "forbidden foods" taken away. Because I allow myself to have what I want there is no judging food as to whether its good or bad or if I'm good or bad because I've chosen to eat it. We had dinner at my bestie's last night and she had made a cheesecake for dessert. Normally I'd be horrified and although I'd have it so as to not be rude and then chastise myself for being weak, now I enjoy it with gusto and there is no guilt or shame or beating myself up afterwards. Life is too short to not enjoy cheesecake with your friends every now and then.

So to cap off a very tiring but pretty good few days I'll just share 2 great things that happened to me within 2 days of each other. Two people told me I had lost weight. One's comments were "you're wasting away (well not quite but I know what she meant) and the other was "wow you've lost weight, you're much slimmer through here (pointing to her hips)". I smiled from ear to ear and just said "thank you". I must be doing something right.



Esme said...

That's great news magda.

Kristy said...

Great news Magda :) Cheesecake sounds delicious and I can so relate to your mindset you are describing. You sound in a really good place. Good luck with the move also.

Michelle said...

Great going Magda! I totally agree - life is too short to beat yourself up over food.

Magda said...

Thanks Esme. I'm pretty happy about it all.

Yes Kristy I'm in a pretty good place right now and I'm not even stressing about the move anymore., What will be, will be.

Life is too short to say no to cheesecake on the rare occassion that its made for you, Michelle. Thanks for your encouragement :-)