Friday, October 02, 2009


Wow what rivetting reading for a Friday night between Sue and Liz's blog posts. I bet Kristin never suspected her innocent post would attract such a debate.

So here is my 2 cents worth - fierce or not.

Firstly I have enjoyed reading every post that Kristin has blogged during her journey. Having "been there and done that" I could relate to just about all of it and was impressed by her strength and determination to stick to her prep plan. As a contrast I found myself constantly binging due to the very low calorie intake. Shortly after the comps were over I remember feeling just as she feels now and setting the goals ready to go for the next time. BIGGER. LEANER. MORE DETERMINED. Then something called "REBOUND" happened and no matter how hard I tried to stay lean (and I dont mean comp lean), train hard and focus on the next round of comps, my mind and body wouldnt let me. My body demanded refeeding and it was going to get it one way or another.

Fast forward on two years and up to 20 kilos later and I'm tired and fed up with dieting, always striving for a lower number on the scales. Dreading the weigh in or looking forward to the weigh in. Feeling elated because I had a good drop or feeling like sh*t because I didnt. Weighing, measuring, logging, not eating with my family because I want to lose weight, weight loss being the be all and end all.

Striving for an elusive number on the Metal Monster is no longer for me. I've battled with it for 2 years (well just about my whole life actually) and its just made me obsessive and been one of my binging triggers. Other bloggers have had similar experiences or may have very different stories to tell but we are commiting to a different approach. We still value good food and taking care of ourselves with good nutrition but the focus is off ACHIEVE, ACHIEVE, ACHIEVE. Its shifted to "take care of number one in a different way."

I know for me that setting very specific (SMART) long term goals has caused such huge stress and pressure that its been quite unhealthy and I need say no more. But I acknowledge that for other people, goals are what drive them. Ironically I'm far more goal orientated than my other half but that doesnt make him a lesser person. It makes him a different person who is driven by different things.

So the way I see it is that different things drive different people. My idea of being the best I can be and the next person's may be somewhat different and that's fine. (Geez we couldnt have a world full of figure competitors could we??) To get to be that "best person"I travel along Path X, the next person travels along Path Y. Deep down we are all looking at bettering ourselves but in different ways. And I'm sure that nobody is sitting on their couch stuffing down bacon double cheese burgers - although I will confess that I do love them :-) but I choose not to eat them.



Kek said...

Ha! A world full of figure competitors? How screwed-up would that be? ;o)

You've achieved a lot, Magda, but you've moved onto a new phase for now. Who knows what the future will bring? Whatever it is, it's sure to be exciting and challenging in its own way.

It's always worth looking at life from different perspectives, whether it's what you'd choose or not.

Nighty-night - have a great weekend!

ss2306 said...

And my innocent comment wasn't meant to hurt or harm anyone either.

I'm zipped up from now!

LizN said...

Hey Magda, Thank you for your valuable contribution and perspective on things - it doesn't matter whether you agree, disagree or fall in the middle - being able to critically evaluate is key.


Nicole P said...

Great post Magda! Nicole xx

Sue Heintze said...

Excellent post Magda.