Thursday, October 22, 2009


We are settling into a different lifestyle in our rented cottage which is just 3kms from the CBD where we both work and just under 5kms from our son’s school. We are no longer rattling around in a massive house with way too many rooms that take hours to clean properly. Yes cleaning our neat little shoebox will be a non event LOL. I’m not usually a lover of old homes but I have taken to this one with quite a passion. We are walking distance to a really nice shopping centre with 2 awesome supermarkets and some great shops. There is a family cafĂ©/restaurant across the road from the shopping centre and further along the main road there are numerous restaurants, cafes and some interesting shops all within walking distance. I’d give our location a firm 10 / 10.

Today I walked to work and it took a little over 30 minutes. I know that hubbie and I will be fighting over who walks and who drives our son to school as we both love walking. Bring on the incidental cardio exercise on top of my usual 5am sessions. The walk home took me 38 minutes as I spent quite some time waiting to cross at city intersections but on the straight runs through I was really powering along. Tomorrow or the next time I do the walk I'll use my HRM to see how it rates on the cardio scale.

However Hilde has reminded me to keep up my running (well my Cliff Young Shuffling as what I do cant possibly be called running LOL). I must confess that I had secretly slipped back into my happy comfort zone where I walk one song and then jog one. But running will be back on the agenda forthwith!! She has also come up with a really good 2 day split and I'll be starting it next week. Just basic upper + abs and then lower + abs which is what I want right now. Maybe down the track I'll venture back to more weights but right now this will keep me training and happy.

So as you can tell I'm pretty happy with life right now. I love to live in such a way that I experience lots of different things and I try not to shy away from new ventures and adventures. Hubbie is pretty much the same. And our living situation ticks all those boxes for both of us so I have no regrets about coming here.

Finally I will post proof of my "hotness" (LMAO) when I get a pic of me in a my skinny jeans and post it up as evidence of my recent achievement. Watch this space.



Kerry W said...

Hey's so refreshing to hear you are happy again, and enjoying life, with everything it has to offer. Your cottage just sounds so dreamy, and I can imagine something romantic and timeless.

I look forward to following your new lifestyle, and seeing your new HOT BOD pics! :)

Anonymous said...

It's a great feeling when it all comes together isn't it ;)

I too want hot bod pics!

Magda said...

Thanks guys.