Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We have taken the plunge and done it.

We are about to embark on a new journey in a new direction.

As captains of our ship we have changed our sailing destination and are heading to a different port. Our journey is not yet mapped out and there may well be rough seas along the way but there will be no stopping us until we reach our new dream.

Swift action was required before the ship set sail for its original destination. Once it had done that changing course would not be an option without major grief. The future is somewhat uncertain but that brings with it a level of excitement too. Excitement at the potential of what it could bring.

I’m happy to say that we both listened to our hearts, which were both in sync, and we are confident that our decision albeit made quickly, was the right one.



Kristy said...

Congratulations on making what seems like a difficult decision... It sounds very interesting...

Magda said...

Stay tuned Kristy.


LizN said...

That sounds maddenly mysterious!

ss2306 said...

I hate surprises!

Wondering if you're thinking what we're thinking?

Miss Tank is a Strong Bitch said...

You will never go wrong with your heart Magda! I know the majority of decisions I make are with my heart - it has led me to a most beautiful life xo

Magda said...

I'll satisfy your curiosity in my next post guys. And Fern I'm totally with you. My heart has always lead me to happy positive places and situations.

:-) Magda