Saturday, October 03, 2009


Well after being rivetted to my computer screen taking in all the "fierce discussion" I smile as I note the following.

1. Tara hit the nail on the head in her comment about words and how they are taken. From where I sit it looks like there has been some misunderstanding of people's (Shelley's) intentions. I was lucky enough to meet Shelley earlier this year when I was in Brisbane. She took the time and trouble to attend Liz's RPM class (not being a regular RPMer at the time) that I was also doing. In fact she sat just in front of me and worked her guts out making me look like an unfit wimp LOL. After the class Liz and I had a PT session and then it was time to relax and chill out. Although she was on her way home, Shelley took the time to come back, join us and have a lovely chat and I was lucky enough to get to know her better.

Since then we have emailed and she has offered some great advice and support when I hit hard times. I dont think she has ever made a negative comment about that fact that one day I would like to compete again. I understand (to some extent) where she is at and where she wants to go.

2. I admire Sue for all she has achieved in her body building career and in her very successful business. When I was a total loner having just moved to Brisbane in 2005 and knowing nobody, it was through Sue's blog that I was introduced to Figure competing. I couldnt wait to log on every night to read of her journey to the comps and those of Lia, Deb (Splice then), Kimmy and others. I was in awe and fascination and my desire to compete was ignited back then. Since then I have enquired about an IBO program and Sue was very helpful and approachable but deep down I knew that a 12 week program was not the answer for me.

So what's my point? (Sorry I tend to ramble). Well we have two beautiful well meaning people but with different perspectives on how to achieve their best life. The written word may not always convey the intention behind it. Sometimes you need to see it, feel it to fully understand it.

Three cheers to Liz for her brilliant analysis of the posts and presenting a different perspective. I have really enjoyed this discussion. And on that note, I'm off to veg in front of the TV after a lovely dinner of atlantic salmon with carrots and asparagus and a glass of red wine :-)



Kek said...

Well said Magda - you should be a diplomat. I make this same point often, when people get all bent out of shape about comments posted on forums. God, I hate moderating sometimes....

It's rarely the case that someone is being nasty or deliberately provoking. Mostly, the issue is exactly as you said: written words are not accompanied by tone of voice, facial expression or body language, so it's very easy to misinterpret their meaning.

And some people can just be over-sensitive, and it's easy to dimiss them as drama queens. But maybe they're having a bad day (or a bad life?). Maybe they've had a particular experience in their life that caused them pain, and some specific words poked them right in the sore spot, making them get all defensive.

I think we all have to take advice from that old proverb about not judging a man till you've walked a mile in his shoes. That doesn't mean we can't ask questions or discuss different approaches though.

Thank goodness. :o)

BTW, Shelley makes everyone look like an unfit wimp. LOL

Magda said...

Hear Hear Kek :-)