Wednesday, October 07, 2009



Well I spoke too soon as I had the worst night's sleep last night worrying about the move and planning out the logistics of it. I was still awake well after 11pm (way too late for me) and then at 3am hubbie's phone blipped, woke me up and that was it. No more sleep. I got up before 5, did my abs workout then did bike intervals 30 sec / 30 sec and then just kept riding for a total of about an hour. Time well spent under the circumstances me thinks. Today I booked the removalist and I know the procedure for picking up keys so maybe now that worry cloud will lift and let me get a good rest.


I continue to learn new things daily on my "no diet" journey but seeing its still early days, I guess the learning curve is rightly steep. When you have the freedom to eat what you want and life is not an endless string of diet meals you may not always be hungry at the 3 hour mark and you may not always need 5 meals a day.

I found this to be the case today. I'm a hungry person in the mornings and that 10am snack is VERY welcome but after lunch I lost my way a little. I tend to munch on sugar free lollies a bit after lunch and because I had been chomping my way through a few today I wasnt overly hungry for my cottage cheese and pear (yep diet food but I love them). But I thought ahead to that time between 5 and 6pm when I'd be starving if I didnt eat then and I ate the pear and cottage cheese. So dinner time rolled around and I wasnt hungry. I dawdled through making myself a tofu stir fry and then heated up left over pasta for hubbie. I was just starting to get a little hungry when it was done but in hindshight I could easily have waited another hour to eat. So lesson learned today is that I wont need 5 meals every day. If I'm not really hungry then I shouldnt be eating "because its time". I kept my dinner to a pretty small serve as I didnt need lots of food and will be a bit more mindful, in future.

Tomorrow is lunch with my friend and work colleague Miss J and we'll be having a champagne to celebrate my new home and I wont be stressing about what I can and cant eat. Thats one of the things I love about "no diets".

:-) Magda


LizN said...

Yes, sometimes your body is very weird - I have been chowing all day, very unlike my Freddo for lunch episode last week - all balance I guess.

Keep self honouring Magda,
Long road, but worth it.

Magda said...

Thanks Liz. Like Shelley mentioned, this intuitive eating is like a different language. It can only be learned slowly and mastered over time with lots of practice.


Esme said...

I agree Magda, it is a very steep learning curve. I too am always hungry in the mornings, and not in the afternoon. I find I'm eating in the afternoon by 'habit'. We can't learn any language overnight, we just have to keep practicing and learning from our lessons. Es

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