Wednesday, October 21, 2009


OMG what a week its been!!

The move went well although that can only be said in hindsight. There were some hairy moments like when the guys were still loading up after 1pm and I was calculating the finish time to be around 7 or 8pm. It was more like 6pm but still a very long day. Then there was the drama of getting our massive washing machine through a 700mm doorway. There was a hair's breadth to spare on either side but it went in. No room for my dryer though.

Hubbie got home and I could just tell what he was thinking and it wasnt anything good. He hadnt seen the house as he was sick when I inspected it so he had to trust my judgement. Oh and he didnt dare make a disparaging comment as he knew how bloody hard it was to get a nice place in a good area.

On a happy note though, by Sunday afternoon we had 99% unpacked and made the place look and feel homely and cosy (it is very small compared to our last house). We started to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour and even had my parents around for a BBQ so that mum could see where we were and indulge us with nice comments about our new home.

I started the week on a training course so my evenings were spent catching up on urgent work issues hence my extended lack of blogging. I'm happy to be back and have caught up with most blogs since my absence. I plan to be on regularly from now on :-)

So on the nutrition and training front all has been good. I missed 2 days of training right after moving day as I had higher priorities like unpacking. By Sunday I was back into it but I do have the massive challenge of no longer having a dedicated training room. Yep that room now also doubles as our study and getting to some of the equipment is tedious and awkward. So I'm looking to streamline my weight training down to the "bare essentials". Two sessions if possible, large muscle groups, supersetting and working within my space restrictions. I'm determined to make it work though! Cardio need not suffer while I can get out for a combination of walks / walk/jogs and jogging.

My "no diet" approach continues to work well for me. On some days I eat more and on others less so it all balances out just like normal life when you are not a slave to a formula or strict plan. But dont get me wrong, I still choose healthy foods most of the time and watch my portions but giving myself eating freedom has helped me to lose my "gorge now, diet later mentality". And I continue to feel great both physically and mentally and thats what really matters to me.

Finally I've saved the best til last as it almost deserves a post all of its own but I'm too excited to not share it now....




Kek said...

A post of it's own? It calls for a PHOTO! Nice work, Magda. :)

Moving sucks - bet you're not looking forward to doing it again. At least you'll be moving into your beautiful new home though.

Kristy said...

Woohoo Magda, great job :D

We can catch up soon, when you get yourself sorted out...

Michelle said...


Magda said...

Watch this space Kek. Photo shoot coming right up!!

Sure can Kristy. We have a housewarming this weekend but after that it should be good. I'll text you soon.

Indeed Michelle :-)

LizN said...

Nice work Magda and welcome back. I'm sorry to sound like a complete moron, but are you building?