Sunday, October 04, 2009



My thoughtful husband has been sleeping in the guest bedroom because he has the worst cough after his recent lurgy. This is very considerate as it means I have half a chance of getting a good night's sleep BUT it means that in the morning I cant use the training room as he is sleeping in the next room :-(

So training recently has been lots of walking and a little bit of running. The last time I did weights was last Monday. Until today and I did a leg workout of my choice. YOWSER they were feeling it when I finished. I'm sure there is some serious DOMS coming to visit every soon. Tomorrow being a public holiday here in SA means I'll slip in a chest / back workout and I'm looking good to complete four weights sessions for the week :-)

Our family went to Victor (Harbor - about 80kms south of Adelaide) for the day. We had such a great time. We played mini golf and I took out the wooden spoon. Our son played on the playground, went on the bouncy castle, went on a ride with me and rode the jaunty jalopies. We did a lap of granite island which was a mini workout on its own (a few steep hills) and then had hot cinnamon donuts before heading home. So today's food was lean and clean to start, a little dirty in the middle and lean and clean to finish. No guilt. No regrets. Just pure enjoyment as life should be.


Twelve weeks ago (the same weekend as The All Females) I started working with Hilde from Get Active On Line. I had been floundering on my own (yet again) for some time and could see that I wasnt making any progress with my training. As for my eating, a few sessions with my Sports Psyche helped me immensely on that front so it was time to pull it all together and make some progress.

And make progress I DID.

1. I lost a total of 27.5cms (over 7 sites)
2. I lost 6 kgs (yeah I know I said I wouldnt weigh or measure but I wanted to report my end result to Hilds)
3. I did all this despite enthusiastically celebrating mine, hubbie's and my bestie's birthdays
4. I enjoyed a trip to Melbourne and ate dessert too many times and drank too much wine :-)
5. I trained more regularly than I've trained for a long time and harder too. I love getting a new program and just giving it my best.
6. And yes I did follow an eating plan until the last week or so and ate food that I loved and that made me feel good emotionally and physically.
7. I had my share of slip-ups (but nowhere near as bad as before) and some were tough, but with Hild's help I picked myself up and got going again. The last time was about a week or so ago and it was then that I made the decision to not diet any more.

I will continue to work with Hilde as I like accountabilty with my training but I'm in control of my food and there will be no more weekly weigh ins or measurement taking or checking body fat percentages. This is the best I've looked and felt for a long time and I plan to keep soldiering on MY WAY. I took some dreadful before photos but I dont have any after photos (hubbie is so over doing these for me that I hate to ask now) so I cant provide photographic evidence but thats not important to me anyway. What matters is that I feel great. I'm looking leaner. I'm much happier and I'm feeling quietly confident that my approach will work.

:-) Magda


Kristy said...

That's a fantastic result Magda. I still need to write a report on my 12 weeks, which I will do sometime soon.

Your day at Victor sounds lovely. It's nice down there and walking around Granite Island is always a workout, but a lovely view.

I like the sound of your new approach and I believe you can make it work :)

Magda said...

Hey Kristy, cant wait to hear how you went. I expect that you really blitzed it and hope to see some nice pics soon.

:-) Magda

Esme said...

That's great, Magda. Es

Magda said...

Thanks Es.


Charlotte Orr said...

Well done Magda, great work!