Thursday, October 01, 2009


Hmmmm what to blog today?

Well despite feeling considerably better last night I've managed to take a downward turn overnight. At 3am hubbie went to the kitchen and coughed his guts up just so I could wake up and realise that my head was about to explode. Lots of coughing, on my behalf, later I managed to get back to sleep having turned off my alarm for my 5am training session. I doubted whether I'd be going back to work today.

Yep I woke up feeling AWFUL and have been to the doctor (not my regular GP) only to be told that I'm not sick at all. I have a severe case of hay fever and I have an ear inflamation that I've caused. I may be guilty of the latter (yes I do use cotton buds but from now on I'm to keep my ears dry ALL THE TIME to avoid this problem) but the former is laughable.

Its been one of the coldest and wettest spells here in Adelaide recently so what am I allergic to? Pollen? (too wet) Dust mites? (they are around all the time so logic would say I'd be like this all the time) oh and the best one was wait for it ....perfume!! Hmmm so something that I have worn every day for the last 30 years is causing me to have severe hayfever this week. So the doctor's orders were to not wear any fragrance and not have any smelly sprays or incense in my home etc (do I look like the incense burning type?). As for not wearing perfume, she may as well have told me to go to work without my top on.

This morning I finally spoke to somebody from the hotel we stayed at in Melbourne about a pair or nice black pants that I had left behind. I had called and emailed previously only to get no call back or reply. So the nice person who actually took the trouble to follow up my request (tell me how much money you need me to send so you can post them back) informed me that they have no black pants registered as lost property from our room. I told her they would have been hanging in the cupboard and hence I forget them (I didnt hang anything else up) but she was emphatic they had not been "found".

I was gobsmacked. The last time I had my black pants was in Melbourne and when I went to wear them a week later I didnt have them. One cant help but think that a nice pair of dressy Intimo pants with a rolldown waist in a light stretchy fabric (they would fit a lot of people) would look very attractive to somebody who found them. SHIT SHIT SHIT I loved those pants and I'm mighty pissed off now.

Enough said and moving right along as these issues sit in my "negative cr*p box" and I refuse to let them dominate my day.

So on that note I'm getting changed and heading out for some movement. I need fresh air. I need to connect with nature and I need to take action to make me feel better.



Kek said...

Hay fever is a possibility, Magda - a rainy spell like this after a prolonged drought makes the grass go nuts producing pollen. And this is traditionally the worst time of year for it anyway. Oh - and the wind has been feral here, I'm sure you've been copping it too, so that spreads it around. :o(

If it continues, get a referral to an allergist and get tested. At least you'll know....

Get a good night's sleep and I bet you're feeling more positive tomorrow.

Magda said...

Thanks Kek. I'm still feeling lousy and hope that things take a major turn over night. Its my ears that are giving me the most grief though.