Monday, August 27, 2007


My focus and determination has been improving steadily since Saturday. My diet has been 100% clean and on track. Weight training is going well although my lower back is bordering on serious problems. However I can manage it by being extra careful with the exercises which affect it, reducing some of my training volume and intensity and the main thing is to stay POSITIVE and HAPPY. I’ve had some awesome cardio sessions too. Yesterday I did my 5km route but did sprint intervals. I didn’t reduce my time (I didn’t really expect to) but my average heart rate was 156bpm and my max was 168bpm. These are seriously high readings but I felt ok (well as ok as you can feel when you’re working around 90% of your max heart rate). Just shows how much my fitness has improved.

Mind you an hour after that run (and it was only about 30 mins long) I felt REALLY tired. I was changing the sheets on our bed and I felt seriously tempted to just curl up and have a sleep.

I did quite a bit of food prep over the weekend and that always makes me feel organised and on top of things. I love having a fridge full of veges which miraculously turns into my meals in their storage containers LOL!! No seriously, I quite enjoy cooking for myself knowing that my meals are giving me just what I need and nothing I don’t need.

Its Monday morning and I’m already ahead with this week’s training. I did my once a week gym session today and I took some licence and veered from Josh’s program. I’m a bit disillusioned with my back work/development so to keep myself motivated, I changed my program. That way I was looking forward to the session instead of approaching it with dread and hatred. I still worked really hard but also enjoyed the change.


I’ve set myself a mini goal to get my weight under 57kgs by this weekend. I’ve had a huge psychological struggle with getting under this weight. This is one of the reasons my eating has been all over the place for a few weeks. However I now feel confident that my heads in the right place and the drop will happen. That will be another very significant milestone for me and will help me feel even more confident that I’ll make it to the stage and be happy with how I look on the day.

Wish me luck….NO its not luck which will make this happen, its my efforts. My success is up to me and I’m grasping it with both hands.



LizN said...

You're right Magda, it really is up to you! Work hard, eat well and stay the course :)

Liz :)

Splice said...

It was great talking to you hun :-)
You will get past the 57kg mark because your going to throw at those darn scales!! It's not about the numbers.
But getting you past that barrier would be easier if you made a pact with your self not to weigh yourself for at least 2 or 3 weeks. This really is the key.
Your going to stand on that stage in 6 weeks and I can't wait to meet you in person in 7 weeks time.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, sounds like you are doing great! Know how you feel after doing those sprints, LOL. Keep up the good work! Charlotte

RaeC said...

You are so right Magda... I've always said that luck has nothing to do with it. Just stay focussed on your goals, but most importantly, keep looking at them in a positive light. Your dreams and goals are close to being a reality for you. You've worked hard for this and deserve to fire it home. Stay strong!! xxx