Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I often think that I dont put enough pics in my blog so today I have included this one of my BS with his aunty J and future uncle S taken at the soccer last Sunday (I was at home training legs and doing cardio til I was knocking on death's door LOL!!) Isnt he cute in his new Adelaide United beanie??!!

Well today's cardio was an almost 50 minute powerwalk which burnt 267 cals so I was happy with that. Mind you it was a bit of a cruise compared to some of my recent sprint sessions but I'm determined to give my back the best possible chance of a full and speedy recovery so no weights tonight and will be powerwalking tomorrow as well. Then on Thursday its back to to the higher intensity stuff. My back feels much better today so this is positive and encouraging.

Today I've been sharing my Sydney news with friends at work and I love to see the excitement on everyone's faces. I also love reliving the excitement myself. I'm a self-confessed attention seeker (well I am an only child!!) and I'm always at my happiest when its all about ME.

Having said that on Saturday I saw Suzi Q who will be making my comp bikini and and I have chosen the most stunning fabric and what is (I hope) a flattering design. My excitement is building even more as these little things fall into place, or rather, as I make them happen. Still there is so much left to do but I'll slowly chip away at it and having the extra 2 weeks is a real blessing.

My weight is coming back down after the disastrous eating of last week and I know my goal comp weight is very achievable as long as I stay focussed with diet and training. A little indulgence here or there wont do any harm but now I absolutely cant afford any more major blowouts. I will remind myself of this in about 3-4 weeks time when the urge to have a good feed rears its ugly head again.

Well I better trot off to but my BF's birthday pressie as she is a year older today and deserves a bit of spoiling. I think a sexy nightie is in order for her upcoming dirty weekend getaway to Melbourne. B&T here I come.

Cheers all


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