Monday, August 06, 2007


Undoubtedly last week and weekend were the toughest times I've been through since starting my journey to the Figure Stage. Not even my mum's heart attack and the break in straight after were as difficult to deal with and I maintained my focus and dedication to my comp prep. You see I had my WH on my side, supporting me and we got through it all together.

But that wasnt the case in the week just gone. You see the strain of all that comp prep entails + the change over in comp dates coupled with the possibility of me competing in Sydney really put us through the wringer and there were many times when I didnt think we'd get through it all. So in response to the stress and depression I was feeling, I stuffed down more bad food to ease the pain (which of course it didnt!!) and I honestly doubted whether I'd ever make it in light of so much going against me.

Well I'm very happy to say now that we did make it through and we are both at a state where we can go on and that means so much to me. I can now focus on and enjoy my prep for........... insert trumpet fanfare in anticipation of a lead up to a climax.......the WNBF ASIA PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS IN SYDNEY!!!!

Yes folks I can confirm that I'm competing in Sydney as I just cant pass up what may be a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity for me. This is just the biggest thing for me and I'm focussed and motivated to really give it my all.

Having said that I'm actually having a day completely off training today and will only do a very light cardio session tomorrow as I'm suffering with a very sore lower back. I've noticed that overall my back is holding up very well and is much stronger than its ever been BUT when my mood is down and I'm a bit depressed then it gets very painful. Its killing me now!! I had a huge chiro treatment today and want to give it every chance to come good so I can get fiercely back into caning myself over the next 9-10 weeks. (9 to WNBF in Adelaide on 6th October and 10 to WNBF in Sydney).

Cheers all and stay tuned for details of the ride of my life :-) :-)



Splice said...

Fantastic!!!! :-)
I will see you there, it will be great.
Stay stronge, you will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! That's fantastic Magda. You must be really pulling out all the stops now. Good for you!