Thursday, August 30, 2007


Is how I feel right now. Diet is 100% on track (its gotta be!!). I had every intention of doing cardio last night...even told WH that I'd be doing a "light" bike ride (he was appalled)...but commonsense prevailed and with my energy levels so low I just thought "whats the point". In all honesty I believed that rest was best last night so I took myself off to bed early to try to shake these lurgies.

Well today I'm still not AOK but I dont feel as crappy as I did yesterday. I managed a longer moderate intensity cardio session this morning and I'm happy with that. I'm consciously taking things easier so I recover quickly and can get back into the more serious training thats required at 5 weeks out.

So not much else to report from this neck of the woods. Thanks to the lovely ladies who have left words of support and encouragement YET AGAIN. I may not be 100% physically but at least my head is in the right place...and that counts for a lot right now :-)

Cheers all



Lisa said...

Hi Magda,

You sound like you are doing really well, despite the tough moments you are going thru.


Kristy said...

Hi Magda I hope you are feeling better soon. It's great that your food is spot on as this really helps when your not feeling well and rest is really the only option to a quick recovery.

Take it easy

RaeC said...

Having your head in the right place is one of THE most important things Magda... keep slogging away, you're in the home stretch now xxx