Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Despite not sleeping enough last night.
Despite having a sore throat.
Despite feeling cold and hungry today.

Did anyone check out the moon last night and this morning? I love a full moon as it always has a very significant effect on my moods and this one certainly has brought the happy and positive vibes I need right now. And lets not forget the full lunar eclipse due tonight. I’ll be out there taking it all in, sucking in more of those positive and happy vibes.

Last night I bit the bullet and got in some much needed posing practice. I quite enjoyed it actually. It must be the natural “show-off” in me. Like the fabric I’ve picked for my bikini. It screams “LOOK AT ME!!!!!” I might not have the best physique on comp day but I wont go unnoticed LOL!!

I also did a light cardio session last night (yes the 2nd one for the day) despite feeling quite tired and “not feeling like it”. Then this morning I did an excellent session. As my throat was sore and I was unable to sleep, I decided to ditch the high intensity sprints and go for moderate intensity/longer time. I set out at 4.58am and jogged for 52mins (no breaks!!). I’ll check the distance tonight but I reckon it was 7-8kms. My average heart rate was 139bpm and at that level of intensity I feel as though I could go forever. Then a bit of ab work and I was feeling fantastic (except for the sore throat).

So I’m clocking up little wins which all add up to a (hopefully) big win in under 6 weeks time. Just stuff like:

Having a peppermint tea instead of a skim cappuccino when out with WH this morning.
Placing all of BS’s French toast crusts in the bin and not eating them (they are so delicious I tell you)
Staying right away from the nibbles, roasted veges, yorky puddings and dessert last Saturday night …. Actually that’s a BIG win!!
And just getting on with it all.

Now I just need the sore throat to take hike and all will be 100%.



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Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Magda, I'm going through the 'sore throat' phase at the moment too. Hope you are feeling better soon! Charlotte