Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I’m wobbling along this week.
With a sick hubbie, sometimes mum duties encroach on my training times.
Battling the diet demons.
Thinking lots about where I’ve come from :-) and where I want to head for October and beyond.

The “6 Weeks Out” mark is getting closer (this Saturday) and I’m planning my strategy for success (famous last words). So I need to take stock of my strengths (and capitalise on them), my weaknesses (and find ways to manage them) and my goals (which just need reinforcing daily).



Splice said...

Hang in there Magda :-)
From 6 weeks out and onwards you will really start to see some amazing changes.
What exactly is it that your not happy with sweetie?

Nic said...

Hi Magda,
Keep focused and don't worry about what others say. This is your first competition and the focus should be just getting there in the best form you can. None of us is perfect and competing should be about improving yourself. Unfortunately there is a judgement aspect but people should only really judge on the day. As Arnie says "I don't care what I look like leading up to a show it's how you look on the day that counts". I think you're doing great! Keep it up. Nic

RaeC said...

Keep hanging in there girl!! You have come so far and achieved so much already. Now is the time to finish with flying colours. Or as my favourite motivational writer says...

Finish strong

When the challenges become more difficult, that's your opportunity to become more determined. When the end of the race is near, the winner is the person who picks up the pace.

It's easy and common to start out strong. Real achievement comes to those who can also finish strong.

The doubts and challenges along the way can either drain your enthusiasm and commitment, or they can prompt you to grow stronger. When you choose to grow stronger, not only do you reach the goal, you also become more confident and effective in the process.

When you've gone this far, it pays to make the most of what you've already been through. Get maximum value from your efforts by finishing strong.

When the endeavor is nearing completion is when you can add the most discernible and enduring value. Finish strong and make it something you can always look back upon with satisfaction.

Your efforts so far have created a powerful momentum, so continue to make the most of it. Finish strong and you'll be fully prepared for whatever is next.

-- Ralph Marston

Finish strong hon xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi M- so nice to see you drop by my blog and leave a nice comment for me to read. Things are getting close now hey, and sounds great to me... getting through obstacles is most important no matter what the set back... Lets keep going hey.
Love shells xxoo