Monday, August 20, 2007


Today I had my first posing coaching session as I feel that I need quite a bit of help in this area. I've been trying to "get it" at home on my own with a DVD as my "coach" but it just wasnt coming together.

So I rocked up at the gym in my lunch break and met M who taught me the compulsory and symetry round poses + a suitable relaxed pose for me. We also talked about my choice of music for my routine and she will be choreographing that too.

So there I am today in a freezing cold aerobics room in my white bikini (the ONLY one I own), lily white body, 6 inch heels and looking like I've got 7 (or probably more!!) weeks to go. In actual fact it is 7 weeks but judging by some of M's early comments I may not be "looking on track". She questioned me about diet and I confessed that yes I've had many falls off that wagon for which I was sternly told "NO MORE!!!!" and given a short lecture about how my diet was 100% precise and why it must be followed to the letter.

Then she asked how much cardio I was doing and I could tell that I wasnt cutting it in her book. Anyway the coaching was good... great actually and now I just need to practice, practice, practice. At the end of the session I asked her for direct feedback on how she thought I looked and she made some interesting comments, some positive comments and some quite disappointing ones too. Funnily enough when I got some of the poses just right, I thought I looked quite good.....but then I know where I've come from (72+kgs and body fat sitting in the high 20s/low 30s is NOT pretty LOL!!!)

C'est la vie.



Hilds said...

Magda remember this is YOUR journey! You have already acheived amazing things and are doing so well. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks or says, you know that you have already achieved so much. You will look fantastic on stage, keep up the great work. Not long to go now!

Kie said...

Hi Magda,
I had exactly the same thing when I first went for posing help. L questioned most things I was doing and made me start second guessing everything I had and was doing. My husband got my head straight when he said JD knows what he's doing just trust him, everyone is always going to have an opinion and in this industry nobody does it the same and their way always works better. Hope this helps a little.
Kie xx