Friday, August 31, 2007


So here I am in all my white-as-a-ghost-glory. This is my "relaxed pose" ... cool hey?? I'm pretty happy with my upper body but goodness the legs need SOOO much more work. Weight is sitting a smidge over 57kgs and the scales are playing "lets tease Magda" but I'm not getting sucked in as I know what this game involves and I will not succumb to the "power of the numbers" LOL!!

Today I had another posing coaching session and M taught me the first half of my routine which I know I'm going to love. It feels so good and looks great when M does it :-) I know I have heaps of practice to do so I'll be trying to devote time to that (as well!!) every day.

The lurgies have all but "left the building" YAY and tomorrow I'll be back into the more hardcore stuff. I tell you I have a really strong constitution. WH and BS have both been sick more than once this season and each one of them far worse than I've just been. I thank God (and my parents) every day that they made me so strong and resilient.

So just keeping it brief tonight and powering on as one needs to do.

G'night all



Shar said...


You look great and still have 5 weeks to go !!

Your legs look just fine and in proportion!!

It will all start to come together daily from here on in, keep pushing hard and keep your eye on the prize!! the feeling of comp day is the best!!!

Shar x

Splice said...

Wow!! I had no idea you looked this incrediable Magda, you need to stop stressing girl ;-)
Well done.

Lisa said...

You do look fantastic - legs are always the last to come in. you will be fine.


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, you are looking great. Don't worry about a thing. Cheers, Charlotte

Andj said...

Looking great magda. You have come so far and are looking amazinG!!

Nic said...

You look fantastic Magda. Legs are hard for every female. You'll do great. Nic