Thursday, August 09, 2007


Yesterday was a big travelling for work day. 6 hours driving and a pretty gutsy meeting thrown in for good measure. I managed a powerwalk in the morning and now have sore shins. Now I remember why I particularly don’t like walking. My shins hate it!! Give me a decent run any day:-)

So after this big work day I still had to train and decided that shoulders/bis were the go. I surprised myself with my strength early in the session but by the end there was NO WAY I was able to make 12 reps on my last exercise. I think 8 ½ was my best and I was KAPUT!! I’m OK with this now though. As long as I give everything I have then I cant be expected to give more.

The people hosting yesterday’s meeting provided lunch for us and I veered a bit off my planned eating but it wasn’t serious. After that all was back on track and I’m sure there was no harm done either physically or mentally.

This morning Kristy and I did sprints again and we were both in good form for a strong session. An hour and a quarter later I was in the gym for my back/heavy legs session. Strength was fading fast on my back work and this is a little discouraging. Although Josh has dropped the weights back a little, I’m still not making max reps on some of the exercises. And because my posing is still really crappy, I worry about my back development the most. Legs went well although I was very aware that my lower back has been troubling me recently. Just means I need to be extra careful with it.

So after all that higher intensity training I’ve been FAMISHED today!! An hour after eating I’m hungry again and could just about inhale anything/everything. I was particularly annoyed that someone had left a big platter of cakes/pastries in our staff area this morning. It took ALL my willpower to resist them when I was so hungry. They’re gone now and I didn’t succumb but I did have a skim cappuccino with a friend who was very upset and needed a good chin-wag. Yes I could have had a herbal tea but I have it all day at work and the cappuccino was a real treat for me.

So there you go, a whole lot of useless nothing about me today. My BF loved her sexy red nightie and assured me it’d have the right effect this weekend….lucky her!!

Cheers all


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