Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So what’s bad?

My throat is sore. My nose is runny. My head feels “thick” and yucky. I’m more tired than usual and I’m really feeling cold. I guess the germs are trying their hardest to topple me.

But there is good too.

This morning I hit 57kgs so if I keep starving (oops dieting for comp) I should easily achieve my goal of being under 57 by some time on the weekend. I’m still training and this morning I did my last weights session for the week – shoulders/bis/calves and I threw in some oblique work as well. It wasn’t one of my better sessions by far but in light of how I’m feeling, I was still pleased with it. Eating is 100% on track so at least I’m not stressing about falling off the wagon and having to get back on it.

Did a bit more posing too and gosh that’s so tiring as well. I keep forgetting to flex my legs so a lot more practice is in order. I have my next coaching session on Friday afternoon. I hope M notices that my weight is down and I’m looking more like I’m fit to compete in under 6 weeks time.

So last night I was chained to the cooktop doing even more… guessed it….food prep. Gosh where does all that food go as I’m the only one eating it? But then if you consider how many small meals you have in a day, it actually adds up to quite a bit…it just never feels like it LOL!!!

So that’s my life right now. Not feeling 100% but doing the best I can to keep my prep on track.

Cheers all


Kristy said...

Well done Magda on hitting the 57 kg mark. Not long now and you will be under this.

Well done on the positive mind set as well.


Anonymous said...

Stay strong magda!!

You are doing fantastic, can you hear the crowd cheering for you? We are all here!!

Kie said...

Keep it up Magda not long now and all that starving oops I mean comp dieting (-; will be worth it.
Cheers Kie

Andj said...

Lol about the 'starving' comment. Sometimes thats how I feel and I'm not dieting for a comp.
You are going to be great on that stage because you have worked so hard for it!!