Friday, August 17, 2007


Yes from ramblings to musings!! I'm dangerous when I get thinking!!

I've been musing over my journey to date and trying to make sense of some of the events I've encountered. One thing that is really evident to me is my cycling of moods and the changes in my motivation/dedication that come with that. I know deep down I'm motivated and dedicated to achieving my goal but there have been times when the motivation and dedication have gone AWOL. They have been my down and dark times and I'd love to find my way of eliminating them from my life. Now I dont mean that I never want to feel a bit down again (we all have those times) but when I do feel like that I'd like to be able to handle it better....stuffing obscene amounts of crap down my throat is not the answer but what is??

I've also mused over my body's capabilities which have exceeded my expectations. Now I must confess that I caused an injury to myself this morning as I hadnt warmed up properly and went too quickly into (heavyish) squats and my lower back is paying the price. But overall I've coped really well and this I think has been due to Josh's great programming. He has eased me up to weights I never thought I could handle and here I am blitzing them (sometimes!!)

I spend a lot of time joking about all the things I'll eat when the comp prep is over but the reality is that I actually like most of the food I'm eating (I'd just like to have a lot more of it LOL!!!). I wish I could confidently say that this way of eating has become a lifestyle but I dont feel like I'm there yet. I dont even know if I'll ever get there but I'd like to, so if anyone has any tips on that I'd love to hear them. My biggest fear is that after comp I'll balloon back to 70kgs+ and all this hard work and effort will be wasted.

So they're some of the things that have been occupying my mind lately. The social night at my son's kindy was a breeze. With glass of Diet Coke in one hand and can of Diet Coke in the other, I had no hands free to eat....PERFECT!! Plus I'd had my dinner right before going so I was satisfied (well as satisfied as one can be when one is dieting for comp LOL) for a couple of hours at least.

Good night all. Its late and I must get some shut-eye.



Ali said...

Good to read that your sons social event ended up being a breeze to get through, can be challenging sometimes, I have a couple of dinner dates soon and a very good friends wedding two weeks before comp coming up :)

...keeps life interesting at the very least, have a great weekend


Nic said...

Hi Magda,
I find the mood swings really hard too as they effect the people around you too. Unfortunately starvation diets (lets face it that's what a comp diet is when you consider exercising on top) impact people's moods a lot!
As for post comp management I am yet to succeed there. I've found that aspect really tough where others seem to manage it ok. Weight gain is inevitable but it is trying to stop it at the right point that is hard. I think you just need to have a plan and do your absolute best to follow it. I am still working on that! Keep it going you are doing great and nearly halway there. Nic

RaeC said...

Hi Magda,

I've found that the reason most competitors (myself in the past included) balloon back up after comp is that we feel a sense of entitlement to eat everything we were craving during comp prep once comp is over.

We have all done that in the past and that is why we get to the point of wanting to change our bodies in the first place. No wonder we can't understand why we would put ourselves back there after comp!!

We need to change our mindset from;

"I've worked so hard to get this body and get onstage, I deserve to eat whatever I want."


"I've worked so damn hard to get this body and I deserve to keep it!!"

Take it from me, if you think the mood swings can be fast and furious now, they are nothing compared to how you are going to be if you balloon back out after comp.

One of my best tips is not to go crazy after comp. Give yourself 24 hours to eat whatever you want, then get back to clean eating for most of your meals and just have a treat here and there.

Also, keep a good eye on your measurements, but definitely not more than once a week. It is too easy for the weight and fat to creep on, so keep an eye on how your body is responding to your post-comp diet. xxx