Tuesday, August 14, 2007


1. Getting leaner. Lower numbers on the scales or body fat %s = happiness. Shallow, very shallow but true.

2. Finding new muscles which give a beautiful new shape. Shoulders to be proud of. Calves that no longer look like something only a mother cow could have loved.

3. Hitting 198 as a maximum heart rate and not feeling like I’m about to die. Running 5kms in under 30 minutes (28 to be exact!!) and being able to do it consistently and not just as a one-off fluke.

4. Oats for breakfast. My favourite meal of the day. The combination of oats, vanilla protein powder, a little LSA and lite soy milk makes my tastebuds sing.

5. Hitting new PBs on the weights. Feeling stronger and pushing further than I think I can go.

6. Knowing that I’m winning the war. I certainly haven’t won every battle, in fact I’ve been seriously downed a few times but I’ve come back fighting. And when I get up and fight again, I feel good about myself.

7. Praise, admiration, encouragement, support. Lump them on me. They all help to keep me going when the going gets tough.

8. My trainer Josh. He teaches me, he leads me, he supports me, he keeps me accountable and he puts up with all my lapses and fits of insecurity.

9. Progress pics. From dreadful to wow (and that’s still with 12 weeks to go til comp). Proof that all the hard work is paying off.

10. The journey. Since starting in December last year I’ve travelled the most amazing road. In places it was so smooth and even that I just glided over it. In places there were potholes which made me proceed with some unsteadiness. There were really rough patches where I fell over and lay there feeling hurt and bruised convincing myself it would be too hard to go on. But I did go on and my journey continues. I’m not quite there yet but I’m getting closer and I want to enjoy the rest of the ride.



Hilary said...

Awesome Magda, this is a great list, and its something you should print out and keep close at hand at all times. Re-reading this at times of doubt could make all the difference!

Hilary xx

Splice said...

Great post Madga, good to see you back on top of things.
I love my oats in the morning too yummo.

RaeC said...

Could not agree more Magda!! It's so nice to see someone post the positives of comp to remind us all that there are some... LOL!! I know that prep isn't the easiest thing in the world, but too often the negative is focussed on more. I just loved the positivity that shone out of this post xxx