Monday, August 13, 2007


She lines up for the race of her life. This is not a race about speed but one of steady consistent effort. Determination, dedication will get her through the finish line.

She equipps herself with the things she needs to succeed and the journey begins. Small steps at first, slow progress but every day one foot goes in front of the other and she inches closer to her goal.

There are many times when her progress stops, albeit temporarily. She stumbles but she she steadies herself and keeps going. There is a week where she just stalls not wanting to take steps forward at that time but knowing that the following week she will be charging ahead again.

Several months later her progress is remarkable and the finish line is looming in the not so far distance now. She takes a major fall, tries to get up and falls back down again. Another effort to get up is only short-lived and she's back down with thoughts that it'd be just too easy to stay down and concede defeat. Her tank is almost empty anyway and the race is just so tough now.

But she knows deep down this attitude will just NOT DO. She digs deep and finds nothing. Keep going. Keep going. She digs even deeper and finds her motivation and drive to get up off the ground and start moving towards that finish line yet again.

She is not a quitter and she has the desire to win.



Kristy said...

She sounds like a real fighter and nothing will stand in her way...

Keep up the great work Magda.

Anonymous said...

Keep your head down and you bum up Magda. That finish line is getting closer. :o) xx

Anonymous said...

It's not how many times you fall, but how many times you get up again!

And you are no quitter!

Pip said...

Great post Magda! Can fully relate to it!


Anonymous said...

And she will win!!

Stay Strong.