Thursday, August 16, 2007


Kristy from this Saturday I have 7 weeks to the WNBF in Adelaide and 8 til the Asia Pacific Championships in Sydney. Its getting exciting now as I expect things to heat up (in terms of training and diet) when I'm 6 weeks out. Psychologically I think I'm ready for it so its not overly daunting. Physically I'm tired but not to a point which I cant manage.

Yes Kie a summer prep would be so much more pleasant wouldnt it? When I started training in December last year I really loved my early morning runs. The more I sweated the happier I was (wierd!! I know). Diet is always challenging and I disagree that its easier in summer. BULLSH*T I say!! There is just so much more socialising in summer that temptations to drink and have nibbly food/party food etc are everywhere. Its actually harder I think. Plus I love icecream so thats another major summer temptation for me. But having said all that, I'm still happier when I'm hot as opposed to cold so summer wins!!

I missed training with Kristy this morning (she probably thinks I'm a big slacker LOL!!). BS had come into our bed during the night. WH vacated our bed and went to watch the soccer/sleep on the sofa and I didnt want to wake him up at 5 as I know he's battling another cold and a night of little/no sleep. I eventually did a ride on my exercise bike so didnt miss cardio all together but its not as good as a solid sprint session.

Trained shoulders and bis last night and found some strength I didnt know I had. BONUS!! What a joy it is to post on my E-Training Journal that I blitzed an exercise for max reps on all sets.

Well folks I have work to get back to so its bye bye til tomorrow.



Kristy said...

Nah not at all. I went to bed for another 30 mins before the gym opened and enjoyed my sleep. After the total of 11.5 km's I ran yesterday this morning and even now I feel exhausted... I'm getting plenty of sleep, but maybe I need more (or caffeine LOL!)

btw I will be staying at my BF's place over the weekend so I coudl drop your book off if your going to be around either Saturday or Sunday. Just let me know.


bev said...

Hi Magda
I've been reading your blog even though I havent been posting.I can relate to what you have been going thru.Thats why I havent been blogging.I keep coming and going but I will give it another go to get there.I have 8 weeks to go and know I cant afford to stuff up.You have come along way and are very inspiring.Keep it up

Lisa said...

HI Magda,

How are you doing? You are so close now. I can't wait to see your comp pics.


Splice said...

Hi Magda!
Just wanted to ask what division in Sydney you will be doing? Is there a novice division there?