Thursday, July 01, 2010


For several weeks I've ignored the pain through my glutes, upper hamstrings, lower back and that general vicinity when I run, walk or get up to walk after sitting for a period. Every morning my walk or run would start with pain at about a level 6 or 7 through that area and I would literally hobble like an old person until relief came after a few minutes. Sometimes I think the relief may not have actually come but I accepted that was how my body operated and pushed on through the pain. After all, its just a bit of pain and as athletes we all know that pain is something we have to deal with. (OK I dont actually consider myself to be an athlete but I have pursued some athletic activities and therefore I can call myself a "casual athlete".)

This morning I set out to run for my usual 40 - 45 minutes and once again the pain was with me and quite strong. I pushed on for about 10 or so minutes expecting relief at any time but it wasnt coming. Then I decided that I would drop back to a walk which although still painful was quite manageable. It was then I decided to finally get this checked out and not leave it any longer as it quite clearly wasnt going to go away of its own accord.

I've seen a sports doctor who is also a runner and was surprised that she didnt find anything more obviously wrong. I know that what I'm feeling is not normal. She has suggested that my sacro iliac joint is inflamed after running the Greenbelt Half Marathon and not taking a decent rest period for a good recovery. So I have anti-inflamatories and an order for lower body rest for 2 weeks.

I have mixed feelings about this. I will do as I'm told because I really want all this pain to go so I can once again enjoy running but a part of me will feel very guilty when I'm not getting up early to do my daily cardio. I'll get out of the routine and habit and I hope that I can pick it up and go back to it easily. Aaaargh the stress of the change in routine!!!!

Maybe this is the shove I need to tidy up my training room and push some iron around again (upper body only). Hmm this is NOT how I wanted my renewed approach to health and fitness to kick off.



Kristy said...

Sorry to hear about your injury Magda. I can understand your concerns about a break in your training, but you may find you will come back feeling more refreshed and motivated for it as you will miss the running.

LizN said...

HI Magda,
Pull out your VIP program that I sent you and start on that - you need to work on strengthening the glutes to hold the SIJ in place - it's a joint that needs to be stiff rather than mobile -and find a physio who is interested in pelvic dysfunction. When I had kid number one, my SIJ was so bad I was told I would never run again. Well you know what happened. I researched and did the work. And while I still have a dinky SIJ, my control is soo much better!

Magda said...

I sure hope so Kristy.

Liz I've emailed you about this.

Kek said...

I know just how you feel... but you have to do what your body needs. I had the same sort of problem with my lower back for months, and finally figured out that it was because I was neglecting my weights and particularly my prehab work.

I was going to suggest some glute strengthening work, but Liz beat me to it. Listen to the expert!

Magda said...

I've emailed the expert to extend a personal thanks and her program is ready to do tomorrow morning Kek.


Pip said...

Sorry to hear about the injury Magda, big bummer!

I liked your idea on a mid year review so did one on my blog,

All the best for a top second half of 2010 and well done on the last 6 months!

Pip :-)

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