Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Being on holidays this week I get to indulge in the truly informative world of daytime TV. Does anybody else share my love/hate of this special domain? As I was eating my breakfast in front of channel 7's 9am show (is it called Today? I hardly ever watch it) I caught the most fascinating and at the same time most infuriarating feature story. It was about "Gainer Bloggers" (sorry I'm not linking to it or anything as I cant be bothered searching them out). Who/what are they you ask?

They're morbidly obese people who are actively trying to increase their weight and they're doing it in a public domain through blogs. They featured the "world's fattest mum" who's goal it is to get to 450kg. Yes you read right 450 KILOGRAMS. Apparently she has a blog where she posts her food intake, photos of her gorging herself, photos of her in bikinis and comments such as "fat is sexy". Some of her followers even send her food to help her cause.

I found myself staring in fascination at what makes these people tick.

Are they seeking out their 15 minutes of fame?
Are they so over dieting and trying to lose weight that they've decided to swing the opposite way and by going public and rallying a support base do they justify their actions?

I listened to the story of the mother aiming for 450kgs with pictures of herself in a bikini posted on her blog and all I could think of was her kids. OMG where do I start?

What message is she sending her kids about personal values?
What message is she sending her kids about living a healthy lifestyle?
How will other kids treat her kids if/when they find out what she does (and they WILL find out)?
If she dies at a young age (which is almost certain) what will happen to her kids? Does she ever stop to think about that?

Then I felt sad to think that her life revolved around this tragic goal (and it did because she physically could do little else) which is a thinly veiled death sentence.

So for those of us who sometimes struggle with emotional eating and would like to be about 5 to 10 kilos lighter I have one thing to say "baby we've got NOTHING to worry about".


PS Feel free to shoot me down or join me on my soap box but this really pressed my buttons and I've put it out there as I see it.


Kek said...

Magda, the internet is a truly bizarre place. How something like this can be anyone's idea of pursuing happiness, I cannot comprehend (eating disorder, you think?).

But honestly, have you seen some of the other blog themes that abound?


Alicia said...

Oooh I saw that too. How freaking disgusting! And did you hear her say that she is a good role model for her kids? WTF?!

Damien and I have agreed that we're never going to use the word 'diet' in front of Ava. We want to teach her that eating healthy and exercising is a normal part of life. Hell at 5 months she already loves chowing down on porridge and banana for brekkie, vegies for lunch and chicken/beef, vegies and rice for dinner :)

Magda said...

Kek, I must lead a VERY sheltered life as I'm quite naive (oops I dont know how to spell that and I feel like a true klux now LOL) about the internet. I mean isnt everyone health and fitness obsessed like us normal people????

You're speaking my language Alicia. My boy is a VERY fussy eater and I'd rate his diet as OK (lots of room for improvement) but he is a naturally thin eater. When he's full, he stops eating and NOTHING tempts him to stuff himself. We will turn down chocolate and other treats when full and to this I say "hooray" and I never want him to be different.

Magda said...

Alicia, that should read "HE will turn down chocolate". I dont eat it (its not my vice) and Peter couldnt turn it down if his life depended on it LOL.

Stephanie Davis said...

lol it takes all sorts doesn't it magda! I am not saying you are judging, but the reason that I never do is that its too dam exhausting, there's just so many freaks around.. haha! (i also feel sorry for them, really)
ps you are right, our issues pale in comparison, i wish i could stop torturing myself over a measly 5kg!

Michelle said...

I saw that a little while ago on ninemsn and was apalled and saddened. The sad bit I feel like this she is doing this so she can get her 15 minutes of fame and unfortunately the media is giving it to her.

Magda said...

Hi Steph,

I tried hard not to judge but no matter which way I looked at it it was WRONG and more so from a parent's perspective and not just what she chose to do to herself.

Michelle, my sadness was for the children growing up in that environment. Too wrong for words.