Monday, July 05, 2010


Hmmmm today I face up to some not so pleasant truths - depending on how you look at things. In the spirit of my monthly round-ups here is my June round-up and the news is not so good. But in the interests of honesty and openness I'm putting it out there in case others can relate, take something valuable away from it or just take comfort that they're not alone.

So let me start by admitting that in the last few weeks my eating has been a lot more relaxed. The bottom line is that a lot of non-hungry eating was happening regularly. Not necessrily binging which has decreased considerably but just eating a lot more than I know I should. Add to that an increased wine consumption plus too many sweet treats and voila the Metal Monster is once again registering a number that exceeds the highest number I ever want to be (and would prefer to be a good 5kgs under!!).

I'm not surprised. I could actually feel it without having the foot to metal meeting this morning but I faced up to the number regardless. So feelings / reactions??

Feelings: Not surprised. A bit disappointed that I went overboard and now have some work ahead of me to reign it back in / down. On the other hand - geez I had some yummy stuff :-) But here's the biggie: I'M NOT ALL EMOTIONAL AND FATALISTIC ABOUT IT. Its simple really: over-eat often = weight gain (a very simple equation). Accept it and make a choice about what you do in future.

Reactions: Calm and rational. What am I prepared to do about it? What am I NOT prepared to do about it? For me this is also a no-brainer.

July is my birthday month so there will be no big X week challenge with strict dieting and gruelling twice a day training in order to torch kilos at the speed of sound. Plus I'm sidelined from running and lower body cardio and swimming just isnt going to happen. This ban on cardio will not help my cause. There will be eating out and wine to be enjoyed. So its down to the food and making smart healthy choices whenever I can and saving the real treats for the special birthday meals (of which there will be at least 4 - we dont celebrate by halves!!). Maybe less sweet treats (oh my poor sweet tooth) and keeping portions moderate (easier said than done when eating out and the food tastes SO good.).

My goal is to finish July weighing no more than what I weighed this morning. Then we'll see what August brings.

Cheers all


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Kristy said...

What a wonderful positive attitude Magda. It is great to hear and so good to hear that you are really enjoying yourself without emotional eating.

I have come to realise that people without dieting issues still gain and lose 5 kgs or so everynow and then, but they do it without emotional so I think you are doing well.

Have a good night