Monday, July 26, 2010


My day started with a foot to metal meeting with my trusty old foe, the Metal Monster. The line had to be drawn in the sand and it was with no surprise on my behalf. I wasnt happy with the number but I'm determined that it will come down. Painful experience completed and time to move on.

All treats were finished off over the last few days. Mum sent home a slice of my delicious birthday cake and I had it while watching Dancing With the Stars. I didnt want to be indluging today and I couldnt bring myself to ditch it. Even though I wasnt hungry for it, I still enjoyed every single mouthful - and therein lies one of my challenges. I LOVE FOOD and often eat a lot more than I need because it just tastes so bloody good. Portion control is not one of natural talents.

Training today was a 40 minute fast walk with plans to introduce walk/jogs on the weekend and then some light jogging next week. I'm esaing back into it after time off for my SIJ and then a week of almost non-existent training last week. It was really cold this morning (as usual) and I love the cold, refreshing air on my face as I power along. Very invigorating!!

Food was great with eggy oats for breakfast (sultanas added for sweetness), one skim cappuccino (my small daily treat), pink salmon and a huge salad for lunch, a pear and a small handful of almonds for afternoon tea and then left over Greek marinated lamb with brussel sprouts (a favourite of mine) for dinner. I can hear my body rejoicing with "yay she's eating fruit and veges again and cutting out the crap." To which I respond "Well body, its time you were treated better. You deserve it.".

Finally I decided that a visit to my GP was in order as I was no longer convinced that my neck rash was psoriasis. And he confirmed that it isnt. Lucky me, I've picked up a fungal infection :-( No wonder all the dietary changes were making no difference. At least now I can relax and continue to enjoy dairy foods, white flour (although this wont be high on my consumption list), red meat and alcohol (another item being severly cut back). What a relief to be given cream to treat it and know that I shall soon be rid of it.

Cheers all



Charlotte Orr said...

Portion control is not one of my strengths either Magda. Your food today sounds nice. Hope your infection goes away quickly!

Magda said...

Touche Charlotte. Food was yummy thanks and my rash is lighter and not itching, so on the mend there too.

:-) Magda