Thursday, July 29, 2010


This morning I was woken early by the sound of rain. Immediately my mind went to thoughts of "oh I cant get out there to do my morning walk". I turned my alarm off and planned to go back to sleep. But once I'm awake, I'm awake and it took but a few minutes to decide that getting up and walking was a good idea. So I did and felt so much better for it. I was due to meet a couple of friends for breakfast before work and getting there would have been a 35 minute walk. Then breakfast was cancelled but yippee I had already walked and no exercise was missed today.

Food wise today was a bit of a go with the flow day and thats ok because life is not a 100% planned and predicatble adventure. I was holed up interviewing all day so set meal times just werent possible. I did my best and am happy with it.

No headaches today so maybe my body is adjusting to this wonderful cleanliness. Water with lemon and/or green tea (with vanilla) consumption has been great so basically I'm ticking the important boxes. Now to just do it day after day, after day and not let the destructive thought patterns and excuses start creeping in.

Next challenge is Friday night wine and nibbles including wine with dinner. This has been a bit of a downfall lately and its an area that needs better management and control. So I'll need to be really mindful of how I feel and the internal dialogue that takes place. Focus Magda, focus and you can find what works for you.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Good job Magda. I too am drinking lemon and water (right now actually) and green tea. What is the vanilla? Do you add this to your green tea?

I really needed a coffee this morning, but I seem to be doing ok. Maybe a real one will be on the cards later on. We will see

Magda said...

I've been drinking hot water with lemon for ages and I love it. Much better than straight tap or filtered water, I find. You can buy vanilla flavoured green tea (Liptons). It takes good unlike plain green tea which I loathe. Or sometimes I just add a few drops of vanilla essence to my green or white tea and that tastes great too. I still have a skim cappuccino every day (sometimes two). They are my mini treat :-)