Friday, July 16, 2010



Well here is my psoriasis in all its ugly and itchy glory. The picture doesnt do it justice as its often quite red, dry and scaly. Not to mention itchy.

For some weeks now I've made a half reasonable effort to get rid of it through diet alone. This has worked well for me in the past and I believe it will still work. The problem has been that I'll follow the psoriasis ridding principles for a few days and then I'll slacken off. So it starts to go but never finishes.

It was looking quite hopeful on Monday and Tuesday as it was very mild but then after dinner on Tuesday it turned red again and itched like mad. I had trouble getting to sleep. Sadly I had actaully been quite good with my diet and could only put the flare up down to one thing .... a little extra wine :-( :-(

The writing is on the wall and I'm reading it but action will have to wait til birthday celebrations are over. Sadly I think that in this situation it has to be all or nothing .... a 100% effort to finally shake it. I even found my trusty old cream and started using it, despite the use by date being well and truly in the past. A fresh tub is on the shopping list for next week though.

So yes I'm being a total spoilt brat, sooky lala and WILL NOT compromise my birthday celebrations which start tomorrow. The buckling down will have to wait til after that. Then its no white flour, no dairy, no red meat, severely reduced alcohol intake and increased intake of oily fish until my neck/throat is clear again. How hard could that be??


Whilst I havent nailed the elimination of my psoriasis, I have actually completed two weeks of no lower body training whatsoever. GO ME!!!

After completing the HM and taking no decent rest break I paid dearly by suffering an inflamed sacro iliac joint. OMG it was so painful to run and even walk. I saw a sports med doctor as I honestly didnt know what was wrong. All I knew was that something was very wrong. So after the diagnosis she prescribed a low dose anti inflamatory and two weeks of rest. Eegads no running :-(

The first week was a disaster as I had a week of inner turmoil which translates into outer over eating. I felt like I gained about 5 kilos in that week alone. Then I had a bit of an awakening (yep another one), a bit of re-alignment (oh yeah know how to do that) and set myself back onto the path I want to travel (better to keep on trying than to throw in the towel). I ventured back into my cluttered and messy training room and just ... trained  ..... doing what I could with what I had in whatever space there was. All upper body work and then today some prehab work ala Liz to get the lower body back into order again. Every session was short, intense and hard and left me feeling so much better. Ah the power and wonders of training :-)

I'm ready now to ease back into the lower body work. I plan to do some walking then some walk / jogs and then introduce running about 1 - 1.5 weeks from now. Fingers crossed that the SIJ is all ok.

Finally I had to share this pic of my hard working family. Precious arent they??


Chelle said...

Hey magda, in natural/chinese medicine, psoraisis/dermatitis and other skins conditions are usually caused by a build up of toxins over time in the liver. What the body can't detox and process by the usual means will come out through the skin. Have you talked to a naturopath or done a detox recently? Chelle =)

Kek said...

I suffer from dermatitis and eczema and find that evening primrose oil really helps (as well as upping essential fats in general). I usually find that my skin improves in every way.

Have you ever done a proper elimination diet to try to pinpoint the culprits? I'm starting mine next Friday and I'm really hoping to come up with some definite answers...

I know that psoriasis and eczema are different, but from what I've read, both involve an overactive immune response, which suggests that a food allergy or intolerance is likely.

Have a look at this site:

The diet is geared towards arthritis sufferers, but can be used to find food nasties for other conditions. Worth thinking about, anyway, especially given that the really restrictive phase is only six days.

Michelle said...

Love the photo of the fam!

Your psoriasis looks painful - hope you get it sorted out soon.

Magda said...

Hey Chelle, it was a naturopath who gave me the nutrition advice some years ago. Worked perfectly for a VERY bad bout of psoriasis then. But you may just have something in the detox line of thinking. Will look into it.

Thanks Kek, will check out your suggestion too. I havent ever done an elimination diet but prepared to give just about anything a go.

Cool arent they Michelle?? Thanks.

Talia Kent said...

Oh my. I guess that little extra wine was really the culprit behind the flare up of your psoriasis. But I can’t blame you. It’s hard to deprive ourselves of something that we love indulging in. Anyway, I hope psoriasis didn’t prevent you from enjoying your birthday celebrations. Any updates? Two years have already passed. I hope you’re doing better in managing your case of psoriasis. :D

Talia Kent